War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0340 CORRESPONDENCE, etc.

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AN ACT concerning the transportation of soldiers, and allowance for clothing of volunteers, and amendatory of the act for the establishment and organization of the Army of the Confederate States.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, When transportation cannot bend, the discharged soldier shall be entitled to receive 10 cents per mile in lieu of all traveling pay, subsistence, forage, and undrawn clothing, from the place of distance by the shortest mail route, and if there is no mail route, by the shortest practicable route. The foregoing to apply to all officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, artificers, farriers, blacksmiths, and privates of volunteers, when disbanded, discharged, or mustered out of service of the Confederate States; and it shall also apply to all apply to all volunteer troops, as above designated, when traveling from the place of enrollment to the place of general rendezvous or point where mustered into service: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to deprive the mounted volunteers of the allowance of 40 cents a day for the use and risk of his horse, which allowance is made from the date of this enrollment to the date of his discharge, and also for every twenty miles' travel from the place of his discharge to the place of his enrollment.

SEC. 2. That the fourth section of the act of March 6, 1861," to provide for the public defense," be amended as follows, viz: There shall be allowed to each volunteer, to be paid to him on the first muster, and pay rolls after being received and mustered into the service of the Confederate States, the sum of $21, in lieu of clothing for six months; and thereafter the same allowance in money at every subsequent period of service for sic months in lieu of clothing: Provided, that the price of all clothing in kind received by said volunteers from the Confederate States Government shall be deducted first from the money thus allowed; and if that sum be not sufficient, the balance shall be charged for stopPAGEon the muster and pay rolls; and that all accounts arising from contracts, agreements, or arrangements for furnishing clothing to volunteers, to be duly certified by the company commander, shall be paid out of the said semi-annual allowance of money.

SEC. 3. That the twenty-first section of the act for the organization of the Army of the Confederate States be so amended as to allow to aided-de-camp and to adjutants forage for the same number of horses as allowed to officers of the same grade in the mounted service.

Approved May 21, 1861.

AN ACT to be entitled an act to amend "An act to raise an additional military force to serve during the war. "

The Congress of the Confederate State of America do enact, That so much of the second section of the act entitled "An act to raise an additional military force to serve during the war," passed May 8, 1861, be so amended as to authorize the President, on the application of any commanding officer of a regiment or battalion authorized by said act, to assign a subaltern of the line of the Army to the duties of adjutant of said regiment or battalion.

Approved My 21, 1861.