War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0319 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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In addition to this it is traitorously whispered into their ears that the slave-holders can enter the Army and quit it at the end of twelve months, but if they enter, it must be for the war, however long its duration. I leave you to imagine the consequences. While I assure you it is with the greatest difficulty we can keep them from disbanding immediately, I attach no balance to you or to the Government, but it is, as you see, most unfortunate. The men composing these companies are stout, brave, and able-bodied - the very bone and sinew of the land. Their acceptance into the service of the Confederate States upon the terms originally proposed and under which they were raised would not only secure the aid of some of the best fighting men in our county, but it would enlist in favor of the war and our Government the warm sympathies of all their relatives and friends behind, and wold enable them to say with just pride "This war is our war; the cause is our cause. " But I will not enlarge. If the facts stated by me are not sufficient to induce you to accept these volunteer companies from the operation of the policy resolved upon, I shall conclude that the considerations by which you may be actuated, though unknown to me, are entirely sufficient, and my confidence in your ability and patriotism will not in the slightest degree be abated. I present these matters to you not with any purpose to intimate to you that your policy should be changed, but simply that you may have all the facts before you in coming to your final determination.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, yours,


AN ACT to authorize the transfer of appropriations.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That during the recess of Congress the President of the Confederate States may and he is hereby authorized, on the application of the Secretary of the proper Department and not otherwise, to direct, if in his opinion necessary for the public service that a portion of the moneys appropriated for a particular branch of expenditure in that Department be applied to another branch of expenditure in the same Department; in which case a special account of moneys thus transferred shall be laid before Congress during the first week of the next ensuing session.

SEC. 2. This act shall continue and be of force until the end of the existing war, and no longer.

Approved May 14, 1861.

[MAY 14, 1861. - For Governor Brown's order forbidding troops to carry arms out of the State of Georgia, &c., see Series I, VOL. LII, Part II, p. 97.]

[MAY 14, 1861. - For correspondence between Davis and Floyd in relation to the organization of a brigade of mountain riflemen, see Series I, VOL. II, p. 838.]