War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0297 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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and Washington Barrow, of the country of Davidson, "commissioners on the part of Tennessee, to enter into a military league with the authorities of the Confederate States and with the authorities of such other slave-holding States as may wish to enter into it, having in view the protection and defense of the entire South against the war that is now being carried on against it. "The said commissioners met the Hon. Henry W. Halyard, the accredited representative of the Confederate States, at Nashville, on this day, and have agreed upon and executed military league between the State of Tennessee and the Confederate States of America, subject, however, to the ratification of the two governments, one of the duplicate originals of which I herewith transmit for your ratification or rejection. For many cogent and obvious reasons, unnecessary to be rehearsed to you, I respectfully recommend the ratification of this league at the earliest practicable moment.

Very respectfully,




The State of Tennessee, looking to a speedy admission into the Confederate established by he Confederate States of America, in accordance with the Constitution of the Provisional Government of said States, enters into the following temporary convention, agreement and military league with the Confederate States, for the purpose of meeting pressing exigencies affecting the common rights, interests, and safety of said State and said Confederacy:

First. Until the said State shall become a member of said Confederacy according to the constitution of both powers, the whole military force and military operations, offensive and defensive, of said State, in the impending conflict with the United States, shall be under the chief control and direction of the President of the Confederate States, upon the same basis, principles, and footing as if said State were now and during the interval a member of said Confederacy, said force, together with that of the Confederate States, to be employed for the common defense.

Second. The State of Tennessee will, upon becoming a member of said Confederacy under the permanent Constitution of said Cs, if the same shall occur, turn over to said Confederate States all the public property acquired from the United States, on the same terms and in the same manner as the other States of said Confederacy have done in like cases.

Third. Whatever expenditures of money, if any the said State of Tennessee shall make before she becomes a member of said Confederacy, shall be met and provided for by the Confederate States.

This convention entered into and agreed [upon] in the city of Nashville, Tenn., on the 7th day of May, A. D. 1861, by Henry W. Halyard, the duly authorized commissioner to act in the matter of the Confederate States, and Gustavus A. Henry, Archibald O. W. Totten, and Washington Barrow, commissioners duly authorized to act in like manner for the State of Tennessee-the whole subject to the approval and ratification of the proper authorities of both governments, respectively.