War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0296 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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MONTGOMERY, May 7, 1861.


New Orleans:

I think you are making an objection for the troops which they will not make for themselves. They will be as willing to muster in for the war as for twelve months. Try them and see.


COLUMBIA, S. C, May 7, 1861.



SIR: I have the honor to report that I made a call for volunteers to fill the Legion on the 2d instant, and there have been already tenders of very many more troops than I am authorized to accept. The artillery company is not yet formed, but should there be any delay in getting this up I will, if meets your approbation, let the men act as infantry until the battery can be organized. This plan would give about 750 infantry, who can be ready for service in a very short time, I propose to inspect such companies as have offered their services, and to select these that are best prepared for immediate service. They will then be ordered to rendezvous at this place, to go into camp for the purpose of drilling. This plan is of course, subject to your instructions. My desire is to have the Legion ready at a very early day to respond to any calln it. By the paper I inclose you will perceive the terms on which the companies volunteer in this corps. The cavalry will furnish their own horses and arms, and all will furnish uniforms. Will the Government furnish horses for the artillery? The State has about 200 horses, which are to be sold, and Governor Pickens offered them to me. To expedite the formation of the corps I would suggest that you have the necessary commissioned sent to me in blank; them, as soon as a company is accepted the officers can receive their commissions. I will file, of course, a full list of each company as soon as it is received. I think it very important that three lieutenant should be allowed, not only because of the reason already assigned, but because in such large companies as mine will be they can aid greatly in drilling and managing the men. I shall await your instructions here, and I beg you to give me full ones at your earliest convenience.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant.


P. S. -I have sent to England for some rifled cannon and 400 Enfield rifles.


Nashville, May 7, 1861.


By virtue of the authority of your joint resolution, adopted on the 1st day of May instant, I appointed Gustavus A. Henry, of the country of Montgomery, Archibald O. W. Totten, of the country of Madison,