War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0281 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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an office equally harassing to the judgment and annoying to the sensibilities.

Very truly, and with the highest consideration, believe me, your obedient servant,


[MAY 4 and 9, 1861. -For correspondence between Walker and Brown, in relation to the organization of troops for the defense of the coast of Georgia, see Series I, VOL. LIII, pp. 160, 164.]

[MAY 5, 1861. -For proclamation of Brigadier Gen. P. St. George Cocke, calling for volunteers from the eastern counties of Virginia, see Series I, VOL. II, p. 804.]

[MAY 5, 1861. -For Jackson to Walker, in relation to troops from Missouri, &c., see Series I, VOL. P. 690.]

AN ACT recognizing the existence of war between the United States and the Confederate States, and concerning letters of marque, prizes, and prize goods.

Whereas, the earnest efforts made by this Government to establish friendly relations between the Government of the United States and the Confederate States, and to settle all questions of disagreement between the two Governments upon principles of right, justice, equity and good faith, have proved unavailing by reason of the refusal of the Government of the United States to hold any intercourse with the commissioners appointed by this Government for the purposes aforesaid, or to listen to any proposal they had to make for the peaceful solution of all causes of difficulty between the two Governments; and

Whereas, the President of the United States of America has issued his proclamation making requisition upon the States of the American Union for 75,000 men for the purpose, as therein indicated, of capturing forts and other strongholds within the jurisdiction of, and belonging to, the Confederate States of America, and has detailed naval armaments upon the coasts of the Confederate States of America, and raised, organized, and equipped a large military force to execute the purpose aforesaid, and has issued his other proclamation announcing his purpose to set of foot a blockade of the ports of the Confederate States; and

Whereas, the State of Virginia has seceded from the Federal Union and entered into a convention of alliance offensive and defensive with the Confederate States, and has adopted the Provisional Constitution of the said States; and the States of Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Missouri have refused, and it is believed that the State of Delaware and the inhabitants of the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico, and the Indian Territory south of Kansas, will refuse to co-operate with the Government of the United States in these acts of hostilities and wanton aggression, which are plainly intended to overawe, oppress, and finally subjugate the people of the Confederate State; and