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AN ACT providing for a regiments of Zouaves in the Army of the Confederate State.

The Congress of the Confederate State of America do enact, That there shall be added to the military establishment of the Confederate State one regiment of Zouaves, to be composed of one colonel, one lieutenant-colonel, one major, and ten companies; and each company shall consist of one captain, one first lieutenant, two second lieutenant, one sergeant-major, one quartermaster-sergeant, four sergeants, and eight corporals, and ninety privates. And to the regiment there shall be attached one adjutant and a quartermaster, to be selected from the lieutenants. And one assistant surgeon shall be appointed for the regiment, in addition to those already authorized by law for the Medical Department. The monthly pay of the officers of the regiment of Zouaves shall be the same as that of officers of infantry of the same rank; the allowances shall also be the same as those provided by law for officers of infantry; and the adjutant and quartermaster shall receive $10 per month in addition to their pay as lieutenants. The monthly pay of the enlisted men of said regiment of Zouaves shall be as follows: Sergeant-major and quartermaster-sergeant, $20; sergeants, $17; corporals, $13, and privates, $11 each together with the same rations and allowance for clothing as are received by all other enlisted men.

Approved May 4, 1861.


Montgomery, May 4, 1861.

Hon. A. R. WRIGHT,

Of the Congress:

SIR: Your letter of the 3d of May, inclosing to the President two telegrams from the Hon. L. J. Gartrell, of Atlanta, Ga., together with a letter from Mr. Gartrell directed to the President, have been referred to this Department. Your not, the telegrams, and the letter of Mr. Gartrell all refer to one subject, to wit, the reception by this Department of an independent regiment from Georgia, to be raised and command by Mr. Gartrell. On the 2d of May, the day of the date of Mr. Gartrell's letter to the President as to the reception of his regiment, he addressed to this Department a letter now before me, in which he also desires the reception of an independent company of dragoons commanded by Colonel W. T. Wilson., Before these communications were made to the President and myself Mr. Gartrell had written to the War Department on the same subject, and on the 1st day of May I caused a response to be prepared and transmitted to him, both as to the law and the reason of the law under which the rule of my action had been fixed with regard to all such tenders from within the States of the Confederacy. A copy of this response, taken from the letter-book of the office, I have the honor to send herewith for your further information. I am now informed that Governor Brown, of Georgia does not object to my receiving into the Confederate service the regiment from that State proposed by Mr. Gartrell, and I am further informed that Governor Brown will fully equip and supply with arms and accouterments this regiment under these circumstances, considering the reason of the rule of my action under the law as satisfied. I