War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0246 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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And I hereby invite each citizen or inhabitant of this State who is indebted to said Government, or either of said States, or any citizen or inhabitant thereof, to pay the amount of such indebtedness, whenever due, into the treasury of Georgia, in any funds bankable in Augusta or Savannah, or to deposit the same, subject to the order of the treasurer of this State, in any one of the solvent banks of either of said cities, or in any legally authorized agency of either of said banks; and upon the making of any such deposit, the treasury of upon presentation of any such certificate of deposit, the treasurer of this State is hereby directed and required to deliver to such person a certificate specifying the sum so deposited; which I hereby declare the faith and credit of this State will be pledged to repay to such depositor, in funds bankable in Augusta and Savannah, with 7 per cent. interest from the date of the deposit, so soon as hostilities shall have ceased and it shall again be lawful for debtors to pay the same to creditors in the hostile States above mentioned. This will not only afford to such of our citizens as owe money to Northern creditors, which international law and public policy forbid them at present to pay, a safe investment and the highest security for its return to them at the end of the war, but it will enable them, in the meantime, to perform a patriotic duty, and to assist the State, and through her the Confederate States, in raising the funds necessary to the successful defense of our homes, our homes, our firesides, and our altars.

Acommand and strictly enjoin upon all and every chartered bank in this State, which may be in possession of any note, bill, draft, or other paper binding any citizen of this State to pay money to any one of said hostile States, or any inhabitant or corporation thereof, or belonging to any such State or person, to abstain from protesting any such draft, bill, note, or other paper: Provided, The person liable on such bill, draft note, or other paper will exhibit to such bank, or any of its agencies having such paper in possession, a certificate showing that he has deposited the amount due on such paper in the treasury of this State, or in any one of the banks above mentioned to the credit of the treasury, or will at the time such paper becomes due make such deposit. And I further command and require all notaries public in this State to abstain absolutely from the character above mentioned under such circumstances as are hereinbefore specified.

Given under my hand and the great seal of this State at the capitol, in Milledgeville, this 26th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1861, and of the Independence of the Confederate States of America the first.


By the Governor:


Secretary of State.

[APRIL 26, 1861. -For Walker to Jackson, calling for one regiment from Missouri, see Series I, VOL. I, p. 689.]

[APRIL 26, 1861. -For Walker to Letcher, in relation to the organization, distribution, &c., of the military force of Virginia, see Series I, VOL. II, p. 783.]