War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0201 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Legislature, confides in that body and the present Executive and the judiciary to conduct the State government according to the will and interests of their constituents. The convention congratulates the people on the prompt and thorough accomplishment of their wishes. But some citizens are not satisfied. A large proportion of those who did not favor secession have subsequently acquiesced and many of them have become identified with it by candid co-operation. But in various parts of the State there are some persons who continue pertinacious in their opposition. It is not the province of this address to comment on their conduct. Their rights as citizens are not questioned, but their duties are equally unquestionable, and it is proper merely to state their position. Their platform denounces the convention as a usurpation and tolerates it only as a partial instrument of the Legislature in submitting the ordinance for secession to a popular election, and declares all its other acts to be without authority and void, notwithstanding 46,000 voters indorsed it. Their platform assumes the superiority of the ordinary government over the sovereignty of the people as represented by the convention, and repudiates its acts with singular inconsistency, inasmuch as the Legislature itself in various modes has recognized and approved the convention and co-operated with it as a lawful representation of the people, even asking and obtaining form it for the public good a certain extension of legislative power. Their platform claims a pretended right to use force against the convention and its acts, but for the present defers the exercise of such monstrous power. Time must show whenever it is to be asserted by violent action under other circumstances. Their platform appeals to the people against the alleged usurpations by encouraging reaction and disorganization, thereby encouraging discord and strife, to which ends, among other means, it stimulates jealousies and hostilities among various classes of the community. In any practical view of the great crisis there are but two positions for citizens to take-either with the combined policy of separation from the old Union and connection with the Confederate States, or with the contrary. The former is an existing reality' the latter is in opposition to the constituted authority and the public will of Texas. Minor considerations of form must yield to substance. The sovereign will of the people must be sustained. The convention would fain hope for speedy and universal harmony in devoted patriotism. The coming elections of this year for both State and Confederate officers will deserve peculiar attention by the people, so that they may have the best possible guaranties for accomplishing the great objects of our political reformation. It has not been deemed necessary to speak particularly of the question of peace or war. The convention acted with a view to either alternative. The people will be gratified to know that the members of the convention have acted with such mutual courtesy that there has not been a single instance of personality in its deliberations.

Having finished its business about noon of the 25th of March, the convention, in an orderly manner, adjourned sine die. Its proceedings affecting military movement were necessarily secret for the moment, but the injunction of secrecy was removed almost immediately and the world knows now every transaction. The convention will be tried by its works and it feels no apprehension of the freemen properly done by the convention, its members, except the few who have been called to public stations in the Confederacy, return to their