War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0158 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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South, whilst her facilities for and her great proficiency in the art of ship building will rier of our immense productions of rice, grain, cotton, and sugar.

I cannot attempt in this place to point out fully all the material advantages to be gained by your State by a cordial co-operation with the seceding States, nor do I think it proper or becoming in me, as the representative of Georgia, to urge your action upon such sordid and selfish considerations.

Georgia knows and feels the great embarrassments which surround the State of Maryland, and which render her position a critical and, it may be, a dangerous one. Still, she feels that the descendants of Chase, of Carroll, and of Hanson and McHenry can never be long deterred from proper action by a consultation with their fears. Georgia is fully informed of the ample preparations made by the Federal Government to enforce from Maryland, even at the point of the bayonet, if need be, obedience to her will. She regrets that the seeming doubtful policy of your State and her hesitation in taking a prompt and decided position with her Southern sisters in demanding redress of her grievances has entailed upon her people the armed occupation by the Federal troops of the fortresses within her borders which were designed and constructed for her safety and defense. We are sensible that your position now is far worse than it was a few weeks past; that the Federal Government, anticipating your probable action in defense of your liberties, has, with a view to crush in its incipiency any feeling of resistance to her foul domination, placed cords about that will be difficult to sever. Yet the danger of your position only increases our solicitude for your future action. While Georgia would not desire, much less advise, your State to inaugurate any movement which would unnecessarily increase your difficulties and dangers, she is nevertheless anxious that you should be permitted to act entirely free from Federal influence and Federal arms.

To this end she authorizes me to declare to you, and through you to the people of your noble State, that to the full extent of her ability she is determined to assist and support you in any action which your State may decide to adopt for the preservation of your righ. Your cause Georgia makes her cause, your quarrels her quarrels, and your dangers her dangers. The report of the first Federal gun fired upon your soil, as it falls upon the ears of our hardy sons, will call to your side, from their forest homes upon mountain top and lowland, a body of freemen whose valor and prowess will make them no mean match for Federal mercenaries.

The State of Georgia has taken her position after a full and careful consideration of all her grievances and difficulties, and with a full knowledge of the many embarrassments to be encountered ion her new character; yet she is determined to take no step backward. Having dissolved the ties which bound her to the Federal Union, she casts no longing eyes toward the past. There is now no more "hankering after the fleshpots of Egypt" among her people. Having for years past interceded-nay, implored-our Northern confederates for simple justice; never having at any period of our history ever asked for special privileges for our section; having plainly and fairly informed the Northern States of our determination to resist, even to a disruption of the Union, all other and further encroachments upon our rights, we feel that we shall be fully justified by the enlightened public sentiment of the civilized world in the action we have taken.