War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0156 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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has discovered the "dry land and the olive branch" in that great sea of intolerance and hatred?

The very existence of the Republican party is depending upon their firm and unwavering determination to enforce by all possible means the policy of crushing out African slavery in all its conditions and in all its strongholds. The irrepressible conflict with them is just begun. Their mission is to annihilate slavery from the American continent and to know no diminution of their labor until that object is accomplished. Do the Northern people intend to retrace their steps? Then why, as State after State has fallen from the Union, as star after star has been blotted from their flag, have they not long ere this given us an earnest of their desire for conciliation and compromise?

With a commanding majority in both branches of the National Legislature, the Northern States have failed and refused to take any action which would lead to the least surrender of their treasonable designs or afford the slightest encouragement to the Southern mind of their willingness to perform in good faith their constitutional obligations. Weeks and months have been passed in the Federal capital by the representatives of the Nation, and not a single indication of returning wisdom has been given to our people. And while the whole powers of the Federal Government have been taxed to their utmost limits in efforts to intimidate and coerce the Southerbject of their grievances has been kept buried in the committee rooms of both Houses of Congress, while day after day have our representatives urged-nay, implored-immediate and pacific action. The Executive at Washington, as the storm gathered close and thick around him, has discarded his long-tried and faithful advisers and has called to the supreme control of affairs, both civil and military, a disappointed, ambitious military chieftain, whose only merit for such a trust is his partiality for soup and slaughter and his hatred of Southerners and slavery.

And even now, when seven sovereign States have withdrawn from all connection with the Federal Government, when the entire South is alarmed and irritated by the success of the Republicans, they attempt to allay their fears and quiet their apprehensions by a display of military force at and around Washington and the adjoining States of Maryland and Virginia, wholly incompatible with the safety of those States and utterly destructive to their liberties. These are the overtures of peace extended to us by the Northern Federal Government-Scott and scorpions, cannon and cartridge.

But could the South in safety again rely upon the pledges of the North were they in the possibility of events to be offered anew to us? What paper writing more solemn, what instrument so sacred, what compact so clear, what compromise so just as the Constitution of the United States? Yet they have violated its spirit, broken its letter, and destroyed its vitality. By what bonds can such a people be held? They ignore the Bible, violate oaths, nullify the laws, and pharisaically call upon Jehovah to guide and support them in their infamous course. These are a few only of a long series of acts of hostility to the institution of her people that have forced the State of Georgia to dissolve forever her connection with the Federal Government and to declare herself what of right she is, and ought to be, a free, sovereign, and independent State.

Georgia feels that she has not alone suffered wrong and injustice from the Northern States. Neither is it her individual wrong only which has caused her recent action. She feels intensely the wrongs