War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0147 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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tution shall prescribe the time for holding the election of President and Vice-President; and for the meeting of the Electoral College; and for counting the votes, and inaugurating the President. They shall, also, prescribe the time for holding the first election of members of Congress under this Constitution, and the time for assembling the same. Until the assembling of such Congress, the Congress under the Provisional Constitution shall continue to exercise the legislative powers granted them; not extending beyond the time limited by the Constitution of the Provisional Government.

Adopted unanimously by the Congress of the Confederate States of South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, sitting in convention at the capitol, in the city of Montgomery, Ala., on the eleventh day of March, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-one.


President of the Congress.

South Carolina: R. Barnwell Rhett, C. G. Memminger, Wm. Porcher Miles, James Chesnut, Jr., R. W. Barnwell, William W. Boyce, Lawrence M. Keitt, T. J. Withers.

Georgia: Francis S. Bartow, Martin J. Crawford, Benjamin H. Hill, Thos. R. R. Cobb.

Florida: Jackson Morton, J. Patton Anderson, Jas. B. Owens.

Alabama: Richard W. Walker, Robt. H. Smith, Colin J. McRae, William P. Chilton, Stephen F. Hale, David P. Lewis, Tho. Fearn, Jno. Gill Shorter, J. L. M. Curry.

Mississippi: Alex. M. Clayton, James T. Harrison, William S. Barry, W. S. Wilson, Walker Brooke, W. P. Harris, J. A. P. Campbell.

Louisiana: Alex. de Clouet, C. M. Conrad, Duncan F. Kenner Henry Marshall.

Texas: John Hemphill, Thomas N. Waul, John H. Reagan, Williamson S. Oldham, Louis T. Wigfall, John Gregg, William Beck Ochiltree.

AN ACT making appropriations for the support of 3,000 men for twelve months, to be called into service at Charleston, S. C., under the third and fourth sections of an act of the Congress "To raise provisional forces for the Confederate States of America, and for other purposes. "

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the following appropriations be made for the support of the provisional troops called into service by the act aforesaid: Pay of the troops, $658,680; forage for officers' horses and quartermasters' animals, and cavalry horses, $829,662; subsistence for troops, $270,000; clothing for the troops, $200,000; camp and garrison equiPAGE, $18,267. 72; supplies for the Quartermaster's Department, $76,160; fuel for troops and hospitals, $59,997; Medical and Hospital Department, $20,000.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the additional sum of $860,228. 45 is hereby appropriated for the support of 2,000 additional troops to be called into the service of the Confederate States for twelve months, at Charleston, S. C. whenever in the discretion of the President their services may be required.

Approved March 11, 1861.