War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0121 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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war acquired from the United States, and which are now in the forts, arsenals, and navy-yards of your (my) State, and all other arms and munitions your (my) State may desire to turn over and make chargeable to this the Confederate Government. " I am also informed by you "that he (the President) will proceed with as little delay as possible to organize the provisional forces of the respective States," &c. I am much gratified to learn that it is the determination of the President to take control of the military operations of the Confederate States of America, first, because it is right; secondly, because of his skill and ability to direct the military operations of the new Government, and, thirdly, because it relieve me from a very responsible duty for the proper discharge of which I am but little qualified. I herewith transmit to you a copy of the inventory made out by the captain of ordnance in the arsenal at Mount Vernon, showing every description of public property in said arsenal at the time of its occupation by the troops of Alabama. * Since that time some of the powder and a few of the muskets and rifles have been placed in the hands of the troops of the State at Fort Morgan. The amount of powder and number of arms so used cannot now be stated. I will forthwith direct Captain Smith, of the ordnance department, stationed at that place, to make out a new inventory of all the public property now in the arsenal, which will be laid before the President as soon as received. I have already furnished you with report made by Ma. Samuel H. Lockett, of the corps of engineers, showing the number of guns and nature of public property at Forts Morgan and Gaines. I presume the State will desire to deliver over to the President the property acquired from the Federal Government which has not already been used for the protection of the State. It will, however, require some action of the State convention, now in session, authorizing me to make this disposition of the forts, arsenal, and other public property acquired from the United States. This will no doubt be done in a few days. I am not prep course the State convention will take with regard to the arms purchased by the State under a late act of the Legislature, but am inclined to the opinion that they should be retained by the State, to enable her to meet any emergency, and to protect and defend her citizens. The State has purchased within the last eight months about 9,500 stand of small-arms, consisting of muskets, rifles, carbines, pistols, and sabers; also 700 kegs of powder of 28 pounds each, and 20,000 pounds of lead and 8,000 pounds of minie-balls; also 1,500,000 percussion-caps and 100,000 fixed cartridges. Two 10-inch columbiads have been procured, with shot, shells, gun carriages, &c., which are probably now at Fort Morgan, and intended for the defense of that place. These guns will of course be turned over to the new Government. Also, the State has six new brass rifled cannon, 6-pounders, and about ten other brass field pieces, 6-pounders, and six howitzers. Some of these of the State may be disposed to transfer to the Confederate Government. This subject has been brought to the attention of the State convention, that immediate action may be had thereon.

Nothing will be left undone on my part to aid the Government of the Confederate States in organizing forces for their defense. I am advised by your letter that the President "will proceed with as little delay as possible to organize the provisional forces in the respective States, as provided for in the third and fourth sections of said act. "


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