War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0112 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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enter the said goods, wares, and merchandise at any port of entry in the same manner as goods, wares, or merchandise regularly consigned to the said port, or to forward them under bond or seal acegulations customary in such cases when consigned to any port or place beyond the limits of this Confederacy, and on payment of the duties on said goods to obtain from the collector a license to land the same at any point on the river; and when goods, wares, or merchandise shall be entered as aforesaid, the owner, importer, or consignee shall be entitled to the benefit of drawback of duties or of warehousing the said goods, wares, and merchandise, as is provided by law, upon complying with all the laws and regulations which apply to cases of entry for drawback or warehousing, respectively.

SEC. 5. Be it further enacted, When any such ship, boat, or vessel, having on board goods, wares, and merchandise subject to the payment of duties, as set forth in the fourth section, shall arrive at the first port of her entry of the Confederate States, the master or person in command of such ship, boat, or vessel shall, before he pass the said port, and immediately upon his arrival, deposit with the collector a manifest of the cargo on board subject to the payment of duties, and the said collector shall, after registering the same, transmit it, duly certified to have been deposited, to the officer with whom the entries are to be made; and the said collector may, if he judge it necessary for the security of the revenue, put an inspector of the customs on board any such ship, boat, or vessel, to accompany the same until her arrival at the first port of entry to which her cargo may be consigned; and if the master or person in command shall omit to deposit a manifest as aforesaid, or refuse to receive such inspector on board, he shall forfeit and pay $500, with costs of suit, one-half to the use of the officer with whom the manifest should have been deposited, and the other half to the use of the collector of the district to which the vessel was bound: Provided, however, That until ports of entry shall be established above the city of Vicksburg, on the Mississippi River, the penalties of this act shall not extend to the delivery of goods above that port by vessels or boats descending said river.

Approved February 25, 1861.

DECATUR, February 25, 1861.


President, &c., Bel Air:

SIR: The original commission duly issued by you having been miscarried, I received a duplicate on the 7th instant. In the meantime I had seen a statement that the Legislature of Kentucky, to which I was accredited, would adjourn on the 6th instant. When I received your commission the State railroad, over which I must go to Kentucky, was, owing to extreme damage caused by recent heavy rains, impassable. I left home on the 13th instant and reached Frankfort, Ky., on the 15th instant. I learned that the Legislature did not adjourn until the 11th instant. No convention having been called in the absence of the Legislature, I addressed myself to the Governor of Kentucky. Having given me a frank and cordial reception, he expressed much regret that I had not arrived in time to make known my mission to the Legislature, as he thought it probable that I might have prevailed to induce the convocation of a State convention. Referring His Excellency to the recent vote in Tennessee, through