War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0015 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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with transmitted to you,* which, together with what I have said in this communication, embodies, with all due deference to the opinions of others, in my judgment, the principles, policy, and position which the slave States ought to maintain. The Legislature of Kentucky will assemble on the 17th of January, when the sentiment of the State will doubtless find official expression. Meantime, if the action of Alabama shall be arrested until the conference she has sought can be concluded by communication with that department of the government, I shall be pleased to transmit to the Legislature your views. I regret to have seen in the recent messages of two or three of our Southern sister States a recommendation of the passage of laws prohibiting the purchase by the citizens of those States of the slaves of the border slave-holding States. Such a course is not only liable to the objection so often urged by us against the abolitionists of the North of an endeavor to prohibit the slave-trade between the States, but it is likewise wanting in that fraternal feeling which should be common to States which are identified in their institutions and interests. It affords me pleasure, however, to add, as an act of justice to your State, that I have seen no indication of such a purpose on the part of Alabama. It would certainly be considered an act of injustice for the border slave-holding States to prohibit, by their legislation, the purchase of the products of the cotton-growing States, even though it be founded upon the mistaken policy of protection to their own interests. I cannot close this correspondence without again expressing to you my gratification in receiving you as the honored commissioner from your proud and chivalrous State, and at your courteous, able, dignified, and manly bearing in discharging the solemn and important duties which have been assigned to you.

I have the honor to be, with sentiments of high consideration, your friend and obedient servant,


[Inclosure No. 3.]

FRANKFORT, KY., January 1, 1861.

His Excellency B. MAGOFFIN,

Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Your communication of the 18th ultimo, in reply to the communication I, as the commissioner from the State of Alabama, had the honor of submitting for your consideration on the 27th, has just been placed in my hands, and shall promptly be laid before the Governor of Alabama. Be assured that the communication of Your Excellency will receive from the authorities of the State of Alabama that full and candid consideration due as well to the magnitude of the subject discussed as the high source from which it emanates; and I doubt not that in the hour of trial Kentucky and Alabama will be found standing side by side in defense of the rights, interests, and honor of their citizens. In closing our official correspondence, permit me again to express my high appreciation of the cordial welcome extended to me as the commissioner from Alabama, as well as your many acts of courtesy and kindness to me personally during my sojourn at your capital.

And accept assurances of the high consideration and esteem of your friend and obedient servant,



*Not found.