War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 1030 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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fate of any officer or enlisted man the records have been carefully examined and compared and the facts elicited. The table is presented with the belief that it may be received as the nearest possible approximation to the truth. Some of the items contained therein are thought to be of sufficient general interest to warrant their presentation as below.

Number. Rate per



Mustered out which their 3,412 490.65


Resigned and discharged 2,523 362.81

Dismissed and dropped 233 33,51

Died 194 27.90

Killed in action 91 13.09

Missing in action 4 0.58

Now in service 497 71.46

Appointed and mustered 6,954 .........

in during the rebellion


Mustered out 86,923 512.44

Discharged (principally 20,236 119.29

for physical disability)

Died 31,866 187.86

Deserted 14,887 87.78

Killed in action 1,514 8.92

Missing in action 1,344 7.92

Transferred to Navy 366 2.17

Now in service 12,488 73.62

Mustered in during the 169,624 ..........


Of the officers it will be seen that the killed and missing in action constitute about 1.3 per cent. of the whole number in service. The loss sustained by the enlisted men from the same caused is about nineteenths of one per cent. killed and nearly four-fifths of one per cent. missing.

About 2.7 per cent. of the officers and nearly 19 per cent. of the enlisted men died in service. The proportion of those who died from wounds cannot well be determined at this office.

Thirty-six per cent. of the officers were discharged before expiration of term of service and about 12 per cent. of the enlisted men-the latter principally in consequence of physical disability.

The number of enlisted men who deserted is about eight and three- fourths per cent.


The discontinuation of the commission for the State for the State of Delaware, appointed by the Secretary of War under act of Congress approved February 24, 1864, was noted in my last annual report.

A synopsis of the transactions of the commission for the State of Maryland from the date of its organizations to the date of the last annual report was therein presented. From that date up to November 30, 1865, at which time the commission was discontinued, 100 claims were presented, upon ninety-six of which the commission made awards amounting in the aggregate to 28,400. As the result of the labors of both commissions there are now on file in this office 804 claims, upon which awards have been made amounting in the aggregate to $235,683.