War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 1015 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Marshal-General's Bureau, in so far as they were applicable, were continued in force.

The transfer under these orders having been duly made, the business of the Bureau was consolidated into the "Enrollment" and "Disbursing" branches of the Adjutant-General's Office.

The Enrollment Branch is charged with answering calls for information from the Second Auditor, Pension Office, Paymaster- General, State and local authorities, and with miscellaneous business. In addition to this the work of consolidating and transferring the names of all men drafted into the service of the United States during the rebellion into books especially prepared and arranged by States and districts has been commenced, so that reference for information may be made easy. The number of names to be thus transferred is 776,829.

The Disbursing Branch is charged with all disbursements from the fund for "collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers," and the "enrollment and draft fund;" also the business relating to all accounts and claims, of whatever character or date or whensoever incurred, connected with the raising of troops during the war.

Accounts relating to the current expenses of the mustering and disbursing officers in the respective States, such as rent, clerk hire, postage, telegram, &c., are paid by chief mustering and disbursing officers from a limited supply of funds kept in their hands for that purpose.

All other accounts are forwarded, after a full examination by the chief mustering and disbursing office, with his remarks and recommendation, and if proper are paid by the disbursing officer connected immediately with this office.

Of the records, those relating to the Veteran Reserve Corps and deserters have been merged into the "Roll and Return Division" of this office.

The Medical Branch was duly transferred, by order of the Secretary of War, to the charge of the Surgeon-General of the Army, with the view of complying with the requirements of the act approved July 28, 1866, in regard to the publication of the medical statistics of the Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau.

Prior to the transfer of the duties the Provost-Marshal-General had consolidated offices and reduced the force of his emloyes to the lowest limit consistent with the present prompt transaction of the public business.

Offices under the direction of a chief mustering and disbursing officer were continued at the following places:

State. Station. For what States, &c.

Vermont.. Brattleborough.. Vermont..

Massachusetts. Boston.. Massachusetts, Maine New


Connecticut.. Hartford.. Connecticut, Rhode


New York.. Albany.. New York.

Pennsylvania.. Philadelphia.. Pennsylvania, New


Maryland.. Baltimore.. Maryland, Delaware.

Ohio.. Columbus.. Ohio, West Virginia.

Indiana.. Indianapolis.. Indiana.

Kentucky.. Louisville.. Kentucky.

Illinois.. Springfield.. Illinois.

Missouri.. Saint Louis.. Missouri, Kansas,

Dakota, Colorado, and


Iowa.. Davenport.. Iowa.

Minnesota.. Saint Paul.. Minnesota.

Wisconsin.. Madison.. Wisconsin.

Michigan.. Detroit.. Michigan.

Tennessee.. Nashville.. Tennessee.

New Mexico.. Santa Fe.. New Mexico.

California.. San Francisco.. California, Nevada,

Oregon, and Washington