War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0985 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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has been authorized by this Department to procure locomotives without delay for the railways under his charge.

In order to meet the wants of the military departments of the Government you will deliver to his order such engines as he may direct, whether building under orders for other parties or otherwise; the Government being accountable to you for the same. The urgent necessity of the Government for the immediate supply of our armies operating in Tennessee renders the engines indispensable for the equipment of the lines of communication, and it is hoped that this necessity will be recognized by you as a miliary necessity, paramount to all other considerations.

By order of the President:


Secretary of War.

It is proper and just to state that the requisitions of this order were met be all in a spirit of zealous patriotism. The manufactures at once placed all their available force at work upon the engines and cars ordered, which were completed and delivered in an unprecedented short time.

The following table shows that rate of delivery at Nashville of engines and cars from the manufacturers:

Month. Locomo- Cars. Month. Locomo- Cars.

tives. tives.

1864. 1864.

February 13 158 December 1 101

March 7 183 1865.

April 10 334 January ... 85

May 23 244 February ... 85

June 24 132 March ... 78

July 26 182 April ... 100

August 8 267 May ... 66

September 8 231 Total 140 2,573

October 19 195

November 1 132

Notwithstanding the large additions made to the rolling-stock in February, March, and April, it was still inadequate to supply the wants of the service, and it was necessary to use extraordinary measures to increase it. The gauge of the Tennessee railroads being five feet, and only the roads in kentucky having a corresponding gauge, they were the only source from which rolling-stock could be obtained, and their engines and cars were temporarily expressed into the Government service and sent south of Nashville.

The following number of engines and cars were thus obtained, and used through May and during parts of April and June:

Railroads. Engines. Cars.

Louisville and Nashville 17 120

Louisville and Lexington 2 15

Kentucky Central 2 60

Total 21 195

The fifteen cars belonging to Louisville and Lexington Railroad and the sixty cars of the Kentucky Central Railroad were subsequently purchased by the Government.

To maintain the locomotives and cars in good working order extensive machine and car shops were built at Nashville and Chattanooga.