War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0965 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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A large wharf was constructed by General Sherman's order at Morehead City, which was of great service in the transshipping of freight for the army at that point. It covered an area of 53,682 square feet, or very nearly one acre and a quarter, and was of sufficient capacity for seven or eight vessels to lie alongside and discharge or receive freight at the same time. Any vessel that could cross the bar could come to the wharf; the depth of water on the bar is fourteen feet and a half. The cost of labor on this piece of work was $32,086, and the amount of lumber consumed 700,000 feet, B. M. A crib-work for an additional track alongside the causeway leading from the wharf to the mainland was built, in which was used 66,000 feet, B. m., of timber. The total cost of labor on the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad up to June 30, 1865, was $362,366.30. This road was turned over to the company October 5, 1865.


Immediately upon our arrival at Golgsborough the construction force was put to work on this road so as to open up communication with Wilmington, eighty-five miles distant from Goldsborough. This was accomplished on the 4th of April, and trains commenced running through on the same day. The portion of this road north of Goldsborough was not used for military purposes.


But a small amount of track other than that on the bridges which had been burned was destroyed.


Main track relaid.......................................1,400

Side-track at Northeast.................................1,000


Total track laid........................................2,400

The following tabular statement shows the dimensions and the amount of material in the bridges built on this line:

Name. Number of Height. Length. Amount of

spans. lumber.

Feet. Feet. Feet, B.


Neuse River, 2 40 235 39,950

Numbers 3.

Northeast River 3 60 372 111,600

Smith's Creek 2 30 272 46,240

Total ... ... 879 197,790

The cost of labor on the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad up to June 30, 1865, amounted to $105,028.05. This road was turned over to the company August 27, 1865.


This road extends from Goldsborough to Charlotte, but we took possession of and used it only as far as Hillsborough, eighty- eight miles from Goldsborough. On the 10th of April General Sherman commenced his march of Raleigh, and on the same day we commenced the work of reconstruction on the railroad. We found the two principal bridges east of Raleigh destroyed and about eight miles of main