War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0930 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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List of persons who put in representative recruits, and names of recruits-Cont"d.


District Name of principal Name of recruits Date of


Second Elish A. Kirk Warren P. Sept.26, 1864


Sixth Calvin Knowlton Martin B. Hale Sept. 5, 1864

Tenth John N. Lewis J. Linn Oct.31, 1864


First Mrs. J. T. Lester Levii Eames March 11,


Second Mrs. F. E. Latham Gilbert Hays Sept. 6, 1864

Ninth James C. Leonard Charles Sept.5, 1864


First Mrs. Martin Munger John McAfee Aug. 2, 1864

Do Master Wesley John Maussner Aug. 8, 1864


Do Henry S. McGraw George W. Crane Aug.24, 1864

Do Hugh Martin Baylor Taylor April 8,


Third Henry A. Mills Thomas McConnell Aug.9, 1864

Fourth Mrs. Anna McFadden August Vogel Feb. 21, 1865

Do John L. Moore Thomas Watson Feb. 27, 1865

Sixth A. H. Marsh George Sweet Sept. 23,


Third John Nycum George Kinney Aug. 9, 1864

First H. G. Powers Henry Currier March 8,


Do William Pratt Daniel Gross March 10,


Second Mrs. Mary Penfield Russell T. Page Sept. 2, 1864

Fourth William B. Powers James H. Eastwood Jan. 5, 1865

Sixth Edwin Porter Henry Mayars Sept. 26,


Do N. S. Pierce Alex. M. Friland Sept.27, 1864

First George L. Raymond Rudolph Zunker July 29, 1864

Do B. W. Raymond James Hart Aug. 19, 1864

Do Robert Reid Joseph Gotthelf March 6,


Do Mrs. Rowena P. Fred. Haasman April 8,

Reynolds 1865

Do Charles B. Sawyer Henry Saunders Sept. 9, 1864

Second Mrs. Cherrick Henry Newmaier Sept. 6, 1864


Do Mrs. Ostrom Stone Frank Sept. 6, 1864


Fourth John W. Spencer Lemuel Lewis Sept. 9, 1864

Sixth George S. Stubbins James Parker April 14,


Ninth Mrs. Louisa Spear Edward Boulter Feb. 14, 1865

First Edward J. Tinkham Frank Foley Feb. 21, 1865

Second Wait Talcott Charles H. Sept. 1, 1864


Do Sylvester Talcott John W. Whipple Sept. 29,


Third Jos. L. Tomlinson Harrison Clay Aug. 29, 1864


Fifth Jane Underhill Thomas R. Stevens Sept.2, 1864

First Evart Van Buren Ayers Arnold Sept. 6, 1864

Do Jos. Linton Waters Adam Simpson Feb. 21, 1865

Second Mrs. E. B. Wilder Michael Driver Sept. 6, 1864

Fourth Edwarad Wells Silas E. Bristol Feb. 20, 1865

Do Mrs. Edward Wells Carl Walstadt Feb. 20, 1865


District Name of principal Name of recruit Date of


Fourth Chauncey B. Allyn James Douglass Feb. 11, 1865

First Austi Burt James Bell Aug. 23, 1864

Second Walton J. Barnes Augustus Thies Aug. 19, 1864

Do Israel Bostwick Stephen Ladon Sept. 20,


Do Edwin R. Clark George Russell Aug. 6, 1864

Do J. J. Dennis Mustered by Aug. -, 1864

Captain Barry;


Do George D. Ford Warren Brown July 22, 1864

First Daniel W. Heath William Roberts Aug. 22, 1864

Do Clinton H. Chrisler Lamperan Aug. 18, 1864


Second John H. Jones George Brightman Sept. 9, 1864

Do William Joseph Alonzo McLaughlin Sept. 9, 1864

Do Edwin O. Lamphere Philander S. Alden Aug. 30, 1864

Third George Luther Briggs A. Whipple Sept. 8, 1864

First E. J. Penniman Frederick Williams July 29, 1864

Do Bradford Smith George B. Sage Aug. 15, 1864