War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0914 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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List of persons who put in representative recruits, and names of recruits-Cont"d.


District Name of principal Name of recruit Residence of


Second James O. Adams John Williams Manchester,

ward 6.

First Robert Bradford John Scott Francestown

Second Charles H. Brooks Charles H. Peterborough


Do. Thomas E. Bixby Charles E. Wells Francestown

Do. Robert B. John Brown Weare


Do. Andrew C. Cochran Patrick Mullen Peterborough

Do. Erastus B. Hugh McGuire Lyndeborough


Do. Moody Currier Charles Clarke Manchester

Third Reuel Durkee William Gilson Croydon

Second Hosea Eaton George Hutchinson New Ipswich

Do. Isaac Elwell James McKeever Concord

Do. Herman Foster Alonzo M. Manchester


Third William W. George Monroe Clough Canaan

Second Eli S. Hunt George Adams Peterborough

Do. Israel Herrick John Morgan Lyndeborough

Third Solomon E. Jones George Williams Washington

Second Thomas Little Frank Clark Peterborough

First Benjamin F. George B. Jenness Manchester


Second Humphreys Moore Almond Lord Milford

Do. Nancy Moore William Waugh Manchester

Do. A. P. Morrison William Simpson Peterborough

Do. N. G. Ordway James Robinson Warner

First Henry Peyser Charles Neff Portsmouth

Second Horace Patter Joseph De Marce Manchester

Do. Edward H. Rollins Edwin F. Dexter Concord

Third Daniel Richardson John Williams Lebanon

Second Ezekiel A. Straw Edward B. Leonard Manchester

Do. Frederick Smith Edward F. Brown Do.

Do. Edward P. Edward O"Connor Lyndeborough


Do. Albert Smith Benjamin Moody Peterborough

Third Benjamin Smith Charles Hill Lebanon

Second George F. Wheeler Charles H. Peterborough


Do. Josiah Wheeler Charles Campbell Lyndeborough


District Name of principal Name of recruit Period of


Second Bethro W. Asa H. Pepper 1 year


Do. ...do... Thomas F. S. Do.


Third L. J. Bishop Richard Roach 3 years.

First George Chipman Edward Dougherty

Do. A. J. Downing Peter Barrett

Do. Mrs. Mary H. Dana ................

Do. S. P. Giddings George Gregory

Do. William T. Hall Patrick McCann

Do. L. B. Hurd Paul Eglin

Do. Job Lyman Charles Price Do.

Do. Horace Loomis Hollis Tyron Do.

Second Honorable Justin Charles Parmenter Do.

S. Morrill

Do. Chester Pierce Alfred Tensmeyer Do.

First C. K. W. Strong James T. Maybury

Do. John H. Squier Jordan Parker

Do. Samuel A. Wilkins Elisha Walker


District Name of principal Name of recruit Date of


First Samuel Atwell David Ross December 21,


Second Mrs. Eben Adams William Aug. 12,

Richardson 1864.

Do. Dr. E. Alden Peter Slater Aug. 20,


Do. Mrs. James H. Stephen Barry Sept. 1,

Anthony 1864.

Do. Mrs. Wyman Robert Pigotts Nov. 30,

Abercrombie 1864.

Fourth Joseph W. Aborn Joseph Hutchinson Aug. 30,


Do. Francis Amory Lewis Jones Oct. 15,


Do. ...do... Isom Newton Oct. 12,


Do. ...do... Robert Johnson December 2,


Do. ...do... Lawson Madison December 2,


Do. Robert E. Apthorp Jesse Wyatt Jan. 5, 1865.