War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0913 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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List of persons who put in representative recruits, and names of recruits.*


District Name of Name of recruit. Residence of

. principal. principal.

First Francis P. Adams Michael Ryon Newfield

Fifth Nehemiah Abbott Thomas May Belfast

First John B. Brown George Francis Portland

Do. Edward P. Burnham Henry B. King Saco

Do. James Baily Franklin H. Eaton Portland

Second Henry Bonney S. R. Bearce Lewiston

Do. John Butler Hercy Day Do

Fourth Samuel A. Barker Emory C. Dunn Bangor

First George W. Cobb Hugh Dointy Westbrook

Do. Rensselaer Cram Hartly D. Leonard Portland

Do. Cyrus S. Clark George N. Phelps Do.

Do. Jesse Dyer John Danalry Do.

Second A. K. P. Dixon N. W. Farwell Lewiston

Fourth George E. Dale Loring Merrill Bangor

Do. James Dunning James Mahoney Do.

Do. ...do... Richard Firth Do.

Do. ...do... James H. Duffy Do.

Fifth J. G. Dickerson Benjamin Sprague Belfast

First Rufus Gibbs Daniel B. Jackson Bridgton

Do. Sewell N. Gross Thomas Wilson New Gloucester

Fifth William Grindle William C. Boyd Penobscot

First Miss Maria T. Daniel A. Brown Portland


Do. Robert Holyoke Eli St. Julien Do.

Do. T. C. Hersey George H. Rand Do.

Fifth Paul R. Hazeltine John Wilkinson Belfast

Do. Prescott John Deller Do.


Third Edward Hawes David Woodburry Waterville

First George E. B. John Quinn Portland


Fourth William Jewell Alvah M. Young Bangor

Third Edward C. Lowe William J. Sharpe Waterville

Fifth Mark H. Lufkin Hezekiah Greenlow Deer Isle

First Nathaniel J. Isaac F. Polly Portland


Do. Jacob McClellan Valentine R. Do.


Second William F. Murray E. P. Crosby Phillips

Third Charles M. Morse Andrew H. Porter Waterville

Fourth Elihab W. Metcalf James A. Durgan Bangor

Do. Franklin Muzzy Franklin L. Do.


Third Joshua Nye George C. Tracy Waterville

Fifth Salthiel Eugene Manly Belfast


First John C. Proctor George N. Floyd Portland

Do. John P. Perly Gardiner B. Bridgton


Do. Samuel F. Perly George N. Furbush Naples

Do. ...do... John McCarty Do.

Do. E. N. Perry Hiram Downs Cape Elizabeth

Second A. J. Potter George A. Preble Bath

Do. Reuben D. Pratt Jesse L. Lyford Lewiston

Fourth Joab W. Palmer Charles Belcher Bangor

Fifth Augustus Perry Edward Stokes Belfast

Do. William O. Poor A. J. Ross Do.

First Hosea J. Robinson Lewis Rone Portland

Second Charles A. D. Lockwood Lewiston


Fifth Andrew J. Ross Andrew Spearin Belfast

First Samuel E. Spring Charles Barnard Portland

Do. Andrew Spring David H. Leighton Do.

Do. Andrew S. Sawyer Frederick Hardy Cape Elizabeth

Fourth Isaiah Stetson Thomas E. Wiggin Bangor

Do. George Stetson James A. Strout Do.

Fifth Albert Small Henry Stokes Belfast

Do. James E. Stinson Joseph Driscoll Deer Isle

First William W. Thomas Stephen Noyes, Portland


Do. Hananiah Temple Joseph Wilbur Saco

Fifth J. R. Talbot James Burgess East Machias

First George W. Woodman Daniel Hennessy Portland

Fourth Aaron A. Wing George S. Bangor


Fifth Henry Whiting Calvin J. Ellsworth


First Abner Lowell George Dance Portland+

Do. St. John Smith John Jones Portland+

*In connection with this list see remarks of Provost-Marshal- General, under the head of "Representative recruits." p.649.

+Added since preparation of original list.