War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0890 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Register of officers detailed as acting assistant provost- marshals-general, under the act approved March 3, 1863-Continued.

No. Name. Rank. Post When When

assigned relieved

63 John T. Lieutenant- Saint By S. O. By S. O.

Avertill colonel 6th Paul, Numbers 57, Numbers

Minnesota Miss. A. G. O. 445, A. G.

Volunteers. Feb. 5, O., Aug.


17, 1865.

64 F. P. Colonel, do. By S. O. By S. O.

Cahill. Veteran Numbers Numbers

Reserve 445, A. G. 601, A. G.

Corps. O., Aug. O., Nov.

17, 1865. 15, 1865.

65 William Captain, U. do. By S. O.

H. S. Army. Numbers

Rossell. 601, A. G.

O., Nov.

15, 1865.

66 Sidney Captain and Leavenwo By S. O. By S. O.

Clarke. assistant rth, Numbers Numbers 73,

adjutant- Kans., 239, A. G. A. G. O.,

general, for O., May 28, Feb. 14,

volunteers. Kansas, 1863. 1865.



and Dako

ta Terri


67 William Captain, do. By S. O.

W. Lowe 5th U. S. Numbers 73,

Cavalry. A. G. O.,

Feb. 14,


68 Pinkney Brevet Portland By S. O. By S. O.

Lugen- major and Oreg., Numbers Numbers

beel. captain, for 354, A. G. 489, A. G.

19th Oregon O., Aug. O., Nov. 3,

Infantry. and 10, 1863. 1863.


ton Ter-


69 Thomas Lieutenant- do. By S. O. By S. O.

C. colonel 1st Numbers Numbers

English. Washington 489, A. G. 510, A. G.

Territory, O., Nov. 3, O., Nov.

Volunteers, 1863. 17, 1863.



9th U. S.


70 N. H. Major and do. By S. O. By S. O.

McLean. assistant Numbers Numbers

adjutant- 510, A. Go. 222, A. G.

general, U. O., Nov. O., June

S. Army. 17, 1863. 29, 1864.

71 Thomas Colonel 1st do. By S. O.

C. Washington Numbers

English. Territory 222, A. G.

Volunteers, O., June

and Major 29, 1864.

5th U. S.


72 George Captain and Sam Fran By S. O. By S. O.

P. brevet cisco, Numbers Numbers

Andrews. major, 3rd Cal., 354, A. G. 510, A.

Artillery. for Cali O., Aug.

fornia 10, 1863. G. O., Nov.

and 17, 1863.


73 John S. Brigadier- do. By S. O. By S. O.

Mason. general, U. Numbers Numbers

S. 510, A. G. 117, A. G.

Volunteers. O., Nov. O., March

17, 1863. 10, 1865.

74 George Captain and do. By S. O. By S. O.

P. brevet Numbers Numbers

Andrews. major, 3rd 117, A. G. 141, A. G.

Artillery. O., March O., March

10, 1865. 23, 1865.

75 Hugh B. Captain, do. By S. O. By S. O.

Fleming. 9th U. S. Numbers Numbers 21,

Infantry. 141, A. G. Military

O., March Division of

23, 1865. the


Nov. 6,


76 Washing- Colonel, U. do. By letter,

ton dated

Seawell. S. Army. December

5, 1865.