War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0861 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Vouchers for the reward of $30 for the apprehension and delivery of deserters were given only in case the party arrested was found upon examination to be a deserter.

The vouchers were given to the persons who delivered the deserters to the provost-marshal.

Vouchers were not given to commissioned officers, deputy provost- marshals, special agents, nor salaried officers for the arrest of deserters.

Vouchers for the reward of $30 for the arrest of deserters were paid by the nearest disbursing quartermaster of the United States.

I would respectfully state, in connection with this subject, that the delay which usually attended the payment of vouchers for arresting, securing, and delivering deserters made it very difficult to secure the services of suitable persons for that duty. Those who were engaged in arresting deserters were compelled to dispose of the vouchers at a heavy discount to brokers, in order to obtain means to defray the current expenses incurred in making the arrests and transporting the deserters to the nearest provost-marshal, which was, in many instances, very great.

I would therefore respectfully suggest that the interest of the service, in my judgment, requires that provision should be made for the prompt payment of this class of vouchers, as the duty of arresting deserters is attended with great privation and risk and the reward of $30 greatly reduced by the expenses incurred.

It seems to me that this difficulty could be obviated by having these vouchers paid by a disbursing officer of the Provost- Marshal-General's Bureau instead of the disbursing quartermaster of the United States.


Credits from all sources and deficiencies remaining were reported every ten days to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State on the following form, to wit:

Source of credits.

Deficiency, Surplus, by Substitutes

by sub- sub-dis- for Drafted

Sub- district in trict, in enrolled men held

district. whole Cong- whole Cong- men prior to

ressional ressional to draft. service.

district. district.


Source of credits.

Total defi- Surplus,by

Substitu- Surplus ari Total ciency, by sub-distri

tes for sing from credits sub-distri- ct, in the

drafted draft under during each ct, in the whole Cong

men. former ten days. whole Cong- ressional

calls. ressional district.



Number of men who have been sent to general rendezvous for whom receipts have been obtained.

Substitutes Drafted men Substitutes Surplus arising by

for enrolled held to for drafted draft under former

men. service. men. calls.


Number of men who have been accepted into the

Navy for whom receipts have been obtained.

Substitutes Substitutes Total

for enrolled Drafted men. for drafted receipted for.

men. men.