War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0851 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Not having obtained a sufficient number of men to fill the quota by said drawing, a second drawing was made December 7 and 16, 1864, for 159 men and 100 per cent. additional.

The number obtained from this drawing still being insufficient to fill the quotas, a third drawing was made January 23, 1865, for forty-one men and 100 per cent. in addition, to fill the quota of the remaining deficient sub-districts.

It having become apparent that sub-district Numbers 41 (Hauvers) could not fill its quota by recruiting, a draft was also made in said sub-district for five men and 100 per cent. additional.

The quota under this call having been furnished by most of the sub-districts by recruiting and otherwise, no additional drawing was made.

Draft under call of December 19, 1864.-The quota under the call of December 19, 1864, as announced by the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State January 25, 1865, was 1,750 men.

This number was assigned to the several sub-districts of the Congressional district in proportion to the number of persons enrolled in each.

Great activity was displayed in recruiting for this call, and the quotas of most of the sub-districts were rapidly filled.

A draft was made, however, on the 5th and 6th of April, 1865, in those of the deficient sub-districts where little or no effort had been made to fill the quotas, for 355 men and 100 per cent. in addition.

While the examination of these men was progressing an order was received from the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State, dated April 14, 1865, suspending recruiting and drafting, and all examinations were immediately suspended.


Previous to the day of draft a sufficient number of blank notices were filled up as far as possible.

As soon as the drawing commenced a clerk designated for the purpose inserted the names of the drafted men in the proper place in the notice.

As soon as the drawing was completed the Board of Enrollment determined upon the time for drafted men to report, care being taken to notify persons drafted in such manner that the drafted men would be required to report for examination in squads of manageable size and at successive convenient periods, so as to avoid the confusion incident to too great a number reporting on the same day.

It was found expedient to require 120 men to report each day. Of this number from 50 to 75 would usually report, which was about as many men as could be examined with proper care.

To avoid embarrassment it was necessary to notify those drawn in the quota to report considerably in advance of those drawn in the per centum, in order to allow time to look up the delinquents in the quota, and thereby protect those drawn in the per cent. from being improperly held to service, it being the intention of the Bureau to hold drafted men in the order in which they were drawn.

As soon as the notices for drafted men were prepared and signed they were placed in the hands of the deputy provost-marshals of the respective counties, who were made responsible for their prompt delivery to the proper enrolling officers, and they were also required to see that they were served on the proper parties without delay.