War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0850 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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These cards were counted as they were placed in the box, for the purpose of ascertaining whether they agreed with the number written on the envelope.

This having been done, the commissioner announced that the draft for the first sub-district for so many men would commence.

A trusty person was selected by the provost-marshal and blind- folded, and drew from the box a single card, which he handed to the commissioner, who read aloud the name on it.

The clerk immediately entered the name drawn on a list previously prepared, opposite No. 1.

Thus the draft was continued until the required number of names was drawn, when the cards remaining in the box were taken out and counted, so as to verify the whole number originally put in.

Great care was taken to enter the names on the roll exactly in the order in which they were drawn.

The remaining sub-districts were proceeded with in like manner.


Draft under the call of March 14, 1864.-The quota of the Fourth Congressional District of Maryland, after deducting all credits for enlistments up to May 10, 1864, under the call of March 14, 1864, and deficiencies under former calls, being 1,463 men, the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State directed, by a communication dated May 16, 1864, that a draft for that number of men be made on the 19th day of May, 1864.

This number [1,463] was assigned to the several sub-districts in the Congressional district in proportion to the number enrolled therein, allowing all additional credits that may have accrued to the sub-districts entitled to them.

The arrangements having been completed, a draft was made, in compliance with the instructions of the acting assistant provost- marshal-general of the State, May 19, 1864, for 1, 362 men, that number being the deficiency remaining to be raised under said call, and the drawing was continued from day to day until the 28th instant, when the whole number had been drawn.

The number obtained from this drawing not being sufficient to fill the quota, a second drawing was made June 23, 24, and 25, 1864, for 632 men.

The number obtained from the 632 men drafted in the second drawing still being insufficient to fill the quota, a third drawing was made July 29 and 30, 1864, and August 5 and 6, 1864, for the remaining deficiency, which was 294 men and 100 per cent. in addition.

The quota was not entirely filled in some of the sub-districts from this draft, but no additional drawing was made.

Draft under the call of July 18, 1864.-The quota under the call of July 18, 1864, was 1,843 men, which number was distributed among the several sub-districts in proportion to the number enrolled in each.

Orders having been received from the acting assistant provost- marshal-general of the State, under date of September 13, 1864, to draft for the deficiency under the call of July 18, 1864, commencing with the deficient sub-districts, where there was the least volunteering, a draft was made September 19,20, and 21, 1864, for 472 men and 100 per cent. in addition, to fill the quotas in said sub-districts.