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stricken from the enrollment on account of physical disability and all other causes, and notice was accordingly given that they would attend at certain places on certain days to examine the claims of all persons applying to be stricken from the enrollment lists.

By this means Alleghany County was thoroughly canvassed.

The deputy provost-marshal of Washington County operated among the committees constituted as aforesaid in said county, and where claims were made on account of physical disability they were referred to the Board of Enrollment for their examination.

The deputy provost-marshal of Carroll County operated in a similar manner in said county, and the Board had immediate supervision of Frederick County, as the district headquarters was in said county.

When the various committees had completed the revision of the enrollment in the several sub-districts they reported their result in writing, under oath duly attested before a justice of the peace, to the Board of Enrollment, and the Board, in the presence of the deputy provost-marshal of the county and the respective committees, carefully examined and decided upon each case reported in the respective sub-districts.

This mode of correcting the enrollment was found to be effective, and if conducted with proper care and scrutiny by the Board of Enrollment I can see no objection to it.


The following is a tabular statement of the quotas assigned to the Fourth Congressional District of Maryland under the several calls for which drafts were made in said district, viz:

The quota under the call of March 14, 1864, and

deficiencies under former calls 1,573

The quota under the call of July 18, 1864 2,069

The quota under the call of December 19, 1864 1,750


The quota under the call of July 18, 1864, as originally announced by the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State, on the 25th day of July, 1864 [2,069 men], was reduced to 1,843 men by reconstruction of said quota, based upon the corrected enrollment as reported August 31, 1864.


The quota under the call for which a draft was to be made having been ascertained and announced, the provost-marshal gave public notice in the newspapers that a draft would be made on a certain day, and notified the Governor of the State, by telegraph and by mail, that a draft would be made, giving the day, the hour, and the place, and requesting him to acknowledge the receipt thereof by telegraph and by mail.

He also invited all prominent military and civil officers on duty in the vicinity, and some of the most prominent citizens, to be present to witness the drawing.

On the day of the draft the Board of Enrollment opened the envelopes containing the packages of tickets of the several sub- districts in the presence of those in attendance, and opened the envelope containing the cards of the first sub-district.