War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0848 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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The examinations under said instructions were closed June 29, 1864. The number stricken from the enrollment lists during this period was 1,206.

Circular No. 24, dated War Department, Provost-Marshal-General's Office, Washington, D. C., June 25, 1864, having been received early in the month of July, 1864, inviting the attention of boards of enrollment to section 6 of the act approved February 24, 1864, and calling attention to paragraphs 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, and 62, Revised Regulations for the Bureau of the Provost-Marshal-General, and making the correction of the enrollment lists a continuous duty to which the labors of the Board of Enrollment must be directed, the Board, in compliance with said circular, had copies of the enrollment lists open to the examination of the public, and gave public notice that any person enrolled might appear before the Board and claim to have a name stricken from the list if he could show to the satisfaction of the Board that the person named was not properly enrolled on account of, first, alienage; second, non-residence; third, over age; fourth, permanent physical disability, &c.

Civil officers, clergymen, and all other prominent citizens were invited to give the Board their co-operation in the correction and revision of the enrollment lists.

The Board devoted all the time that could be spared from other less pressing duties to hearing and acting upon claims for exemption.

The draft under the call of July 18, 1864, being in progress, very little was accomplished by this effort to correct the enrollment.

Attention was again called to the necessity of correcting the enrollment lists in every sub-district in the district by Circular No. 39, dated War Department, Provost-Marshal-General's Office, Washington, D. C., November 15, 1864; and while the Board was responsible as a body for the enrollment, the commissioner of the Board was required by this circular to give his particular attention to the correction, revision, and preservation of the lists, and to the preparation of all reports and returns in regard to them, and to promptly forward to the Provost-Marshal- General's Office monthly reports of the corrections made in the enrollment.

Circular No. 39, series of 1864, is a reproduction and revision of Circular No. 24 of the same series.

The importance of correcting the enrollment lists had at that time become apparent to every one, and it was the interest, both of the United States and of the citizens, that all who were liable to military duty should be enrolled, and all who were unfit for duty should be stricken off. A universal interest in this matter prevailed in the district, and immediate steps were taken to perfect the enrollment lists.

By direction of the acting provost-marshal-general of the State, dated November 21, 1864, a copy of the enrollment lists of each sub-district was made and placed in the hands of a committee composed of the most worthy and reliable citizens in each of the several sub-districts, and public notice given in the newspapers published in the several counties comprising the Congressional district, notifying the citizens that a deputy provost-marshal be sent to each county to confer with them as to the most practicable mode of correcting the enrollment lists, and furnish them with full information in the premises.

Alleghany County being remote from the district headquarters, it was deemed advisable to send the assistant surgeon of the Board with the deputy provost-marshal of said county to the several sub-districts thereof, with instructions to examine persons claiming to be