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the Provost-Marshal-General upon sheets of consolidated enrollment lists at the end of each month for the purpose of correcting the lists on file. [See Circular, Nos.24 and 39, series of 1864.]

The enrollment of colored persons held to service, made pursuant to section 24 of the act approved February 24, 1864, was not consolidated, but a list with a recapitulation of the number enrolled was made for each sub-district and forwarded to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State for transmission to the Provost-Marshal-General.

Copies of these lists were retained by the district provost- marshal.


The consolidation of the enrollment having been completed, the provost-marshal caused the names of each person enrolled to be written on cards of uniform size, shape, and color.

These cards were then assorted by sub-districts, verified by comparison with the enrollment lists, numbered and placed in an envelope marked with the number of the sub-district and the number of cards contained in it and sealed.

After all the sub-districts had been thus prepared the envelopes were put into one, which was sealed up and put away until the day of the draft.


In compliance with Circular No. 101, Provost-Marshal-General's Office, series of 1863, the Board of Enrollment had printed lists of the names of all persons enrolled in Class I posted in five or more places in each sub-district, and gave notice as required by said circular, and proceeded to examine the claims of all persons who applied to be stricken from the enrollment lists on account of alienage, non-residence, unsuitableness of age, and permanent physical disability.

These examinations were continued until December 20, 1863, after which time no cases were to be heard; but as there were many applicants whose claims had not been considered, the time for hearing such cases was extended to January 5, 1864, by direction of the Provost-Marshal-General, and the examinations were accordingly continued until that period.

The number borne on the enrollment lists was considerably reduced by this process; but as my predecessor kept no record of the number examined and the number exempted, except those exempted for manifest permanent physical disability, I am unable to give the result of these examinations.

The number stricken from the lists for manifest permanent physical disability was 322.

Instructions were received in May, 1864, to make further corrections of the enrollment lists by striking therefrom the names of such persons as were not liable to military duty, and adding thereto the names of such as were, who had not been enrolled.

To effect this the commissioner of enrollment and an assistant surgeon of the U. S. Army, detailed by the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State, proceeded to Westminster, the county seat of Carroll County, Md., to hear the claims of persons enrolled in said country to be stricken from the enrollment lists; and the provost-marshal and surgeon of the Board heard applications of the other counties of the district at the district headquarters.