War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0842 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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the State of which they are citizens and beneficial to the interests of the Government.

I may particularly mention Capts. William James, of the First District; A. B. Coon, of the Second; John V. Eustage, of the Third; James Woodruff and his successors, of the Fourth; Isaac Keys, of the Eighth; William M. Fry, of the Tenth; John C. Scott, of the Eleventh, and William H. Collins, of the Twelfth, all of whom have shown themselves eminently capable and efficient, and displayed marked administrative and executive abilities as officers.

It is to be hoped that the great lessons of this war will not be lost upon the country. Aside from its glorious termination, the rich experiences and teachings which it has left as a legacy to us and our children are not few or small. It has accustomed our people to the disabilities and hardships incident to a state of war. It has demonstrated to the world the invincible power of citizen soldiery in a just cause, and how soon they may acquire the discipline and steadiness of veterans. It has especially taught us how to raise, arm, equip, muster, organize, drill, and employ great armies. And if these lessons are wisely improved the Nation would embark in another war, whether foreign or domestic, with incomparably greater advantages for its successful prosecution than were possessed at the commencement of the late rebellion.

I am sensible of the imperfections of this report. It has been impossible to speak of many subjects worthy of notice without extending the paper to an unwarrantable length, and equally so to do full justice even to those matters which I have to such considerations as seemed to be of greatest practical interest, and to have a more important bearing upon the efficiency of the Bureau of the Provost-Marshal-General should operations ever be resumed.

Trusting that it may be regarded as at least partially responsive to the tenor of the letter in obedience to which it has been prepared,

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Bvt. Brigadier General, U. S. A., Actg. Asst. Prov. March General, Illinois.

List of schedules.*

1. List of clerks.

2. List of officers.

3. Number and amount of claims recorded.

4. Statement of expenses.

5. Service rendered by enrolling officers.

6. Deserters arrested.

7. Sample of book of credits, L.

8. Sample of book of accounts with sub-districts.

9. Sample of book of credits, M.

10. Table showing number of sub-districts.

11. Table of district quotas.

12. Table of district credits.

13. Comparative view of quotas and credits, deficits, and surpluses.

14. Boards of enrollment.

15. Dates of enrollment and revisions.

16. Result of the several enrollments and revisions.

17. Net proceeds of each draft, by districts.


*All omitted. See explanatory foot-note [*], p.687.