War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0824 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Of the whole number physically examined [15,159]-

Number Per cent

Discharged for physical disability 6,214 40,98

Held to service 8,945 59,02

Of the whole number held to service


Furnished substitutes 5,404 60,41

Served personally 3,541 39,59

While the order to stop recruiting and drafting was hailed with universal rejoicing, yet, as elsewhere observed, most of the communities in which the quotas were still unfilled had become so thoroughly aroused, and the local appliances to stimulate volunteering were in such vigorous and successful operation, that but little more drafting would anywhere have been necessary to clear the State of her entire obligation under the last call.


As was to have been expected, it became necessary from time to time in the prosecution of the work to make arrests of various persons in different parts of the State for violations of the enrollment act and sundry other offenses. Although the number of such arrests has not been large, yet it is deemed proper to the completeness of this report that reference should be made to the subject.

A summary statement, showing the number of such arrests in each district and the grounds upon which the arrests were made, will be found in the Appendix hereof, and attention thereto is respectfully invited. [See Schedule No. 20.]


I have constantly endeavored faithfully to carry out the urgent instructions received from Washington from time to time relative to the importance of practicing the most rigid economy consistent with the effective prosecution of the work and the true interests of the service, both at these headquarters and in the offices of the respective provost-marshals of my jurisdiction. The views of the Provost-Marshal-General on this subject have been by me repeatedly and earnestly impressed upon all of my subordinates, who have, I think, as a general rule, faithfully endeavored to conform their expenditures to instructions received, and to contribute by careful circumspection to lighten the burdens of the Government as much as possible. The total expenditures of this office since its organization, exclusive of pay of officers, was referred to while discussing the business department of these headquarters, and will be found in Schedule No. 4 of the Appendix. In order to ascertain the total expenditures in each district, and the grand aggregate for the whole State since the organization of the machinery of the Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau in Illinois, I addressed a special circular to each district provost-marshal, requiring them to transcribe from their records the necessary data and report the same to this office. The results, tabulated by districts, and showing, first, total expenditures; second, cost of transportation; third, net cost; fourth, number of men furnished, including deserters; fifth, cost per man, will be found in the Appendix to this report, Schedule No. 21. The column headed "net cost" is found by deducting the cost of transportation, &c., from "total cost" in each district. The comparative smallness of expenditures in the Fourth District is explained