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ing and drafting and to discharge all drafted men not forwarded to rendezvous. The fifty-four men are accordingly reported as discharged. In like manner the men drafted in the Ninth and Twelfth Districts were discharged by order before any had been forwarded to general rendezvous. Orders to arrest the draft were received by the provost-marshal of the Sixth District before he had actually commenced drafting.

For a summary tabulated statement showing the proceeds of the draft under each call in each district, giving separately drafted men held to service and substitutes, see Schedule No. 17 in the Appendix to this report. Said schedule present the net results of the draft, and of course only includes those drafted men and substitutes who were forwarded to general rendezvous and actually put into service.

A complete consolidated statement, showing in detail the result of the draft in each district and for the whole State, with the number discharged for the various causes authorized by regulations, the number who paid commutation, &c., will also be found in the Appendix hereof, Schedule No. 18.

For a tabulated summary of the statistics of the draft in Illinois in 1864 and 1865, including all supplementary drafts, and showing, by districts, first, total number drawn; second, whole number reporting; third, whole number failing to report; fourth, whole number discharged without examination; fifth, number examined as to physical fitness for service; sixth, whole number examined; seventh, number discharged for physical disability; eighth, number discharged for other causes; ninth, whole number discharged after examination; tenth, number held to service; eleventh, number furnishing substitutes; twelfth, number serving personally, see Schedule Numbers 19, Appendix.

The column [No. 4] headed "discharged without examination" includes those discharged by reason of the quota of sub-district being full and those discharged under order of the Provost- Marshal-General of April 14, 1865, directing the discharge of all drafted men not then forwarded to general rendezvous.

The average enrollment of the State on which the quotas under calls of July 18 and December 19, 1864, were based was 306,349. The following interesting and suggestive facts and percentages are deduced from the recorded statistics of the draft on file in this office:

Enrollment basis of the State, 306,349; whole number drafted, 32,279, being 10,53 per cent. of enrollment.

Of the number so drafted [32,279]-

Number Per cent

Reported 22,439 69.25

Failed to report 9,840 30.75

Discharged without examination 3,899 12.07

Examined 18,540 57.12

Discharged on examination 9,595 29,72

Discharged for other causes than physical

disability 3,381 10.47

Examined as to physical fitness 15,159 46,65

Discharged for physical disability 6,214 19,25

Held to service upon examination 8,945 27,40

Served personally 3,541 10,66

Furnished substitutes 5,404 16,74

Of those examined [18,540]-

Discharged for other causes than

physical disability 3,381 18,23

Examined as to physical fitness 15,159 81,77