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until their names were entered upon the rolls of the latter; and persons removing from a district were not to be stricken from the rolls until the Board should be duly certified that said persons were enrolled in their new place of residence. Provost-marshals were also directed to hold their lists constantly subject to public inspection, as required by the Provost-Marshal-General.

For a more detailed statement of the various methods adopted for taking, revising, and maintaining the enrollments in the respective districts, and the comparative excellence of the several plans pursued, attention is respectfully invited to the reports of the several district provost-marshals, which have already been forwarded.


It became apparent soon after the call of the President of July 18, 1864, for 500,000 men, that the quota of Illinois under that call could not be filled without a draft, and in compliance with intimations from Washington I had admonished the various boards of enrollment to complete all their preparations and hold themselves in readiness to commence drafting as soon as orders were received from me to that effect, but on no account to begin operations until so notified. I had been myself directed not to begin the draft in any district until so ordered by the Provost- Marshal-General, and discretion was given me to commence drafting, when orders should be received, in such districts of the State as to me might seem most expedient.

At length, September 12, 1864, I received a telegraphic order directing me to begin the draft without delay, and in the exercise of the discretion above mentioned, and for reasons which seemed to me satisfactory, but which need not be here enumerated, I selected the Fourth, Eighth, Tenth, and Twelfth Districts as those in which operations should first be initiated, and I immediately telegraphed the provost-marshals of said districts to begin the draft promptly on the 19th day of September, 1864, following my telegraphic order with a circular letter of instructions dated September 15, 1864.

The districts next ordered to draft were the First, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh, the provost-marshals of which were directed by Circular No. 172, from this office, dated September 21, 1864, to commence drafting September 26, 1864.

September 23, 1864, instructions were issued to the remaining districts of the State, to wit, the Second, Third, Ninth, Eleventh, and Thirteenth, to commence the draft on the 29th of September, 1864.

The orders of the Provost-Marshal-General and from this office found the several boards of enrollment fully prepared, and the draft began in each case promptly as ordered, and was prosecuted with vigor.

Under the call of December 19, 1864, for 300,000 men, no draft was ordered in the First, Third, Fifth, and Eighth Districts of this State. To the provost-marshals of the remaining districts orders to draft were issued as follows: To Seventh District, March 18, 1865, to commence March 21, 1865; Eleventh and Thirteenth Districts, same date, to commence March 23, 1865; Eleventh and Thirteenth Districts, same date, to commence March 23, 1865; Fourth and Tenth Districts, March 24, 1865, to commence March 28, 1865; Second, Sixth, Ninth, and Twelfth Districts, April 6, 1865, to commence April 12, 1865.

The Second District had drawn but fifty-four men, when, in consequence of the sudden and total overthrow of the rebel armies and the virtual close of the war, orders were received to discontinue recruit-