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For a full statement of the original composition of the respective boards of enrollment and all subsequent changes see Schedule No. 14, Appendix.


In obedience to pressing instructions from Washington, the provost-marshals in my jurisdiction were directed by Circular No. 3, from this office, dated June 5, 1863, to convene their respective boards of enrollment, establish their sub-districts, and to push forward the enrollment with all practicable vigor and dispatch. Information and instructions had been previously issued from this office to some of the provost-marshals, and the enrollment was already in progress in several of the districts, but the above was the earliest date at which any detailed instructions respecting the enrollment were issued from this office to all of the provost-marshals.

The instructions from the Provost-Marshal-General and from this office were carried out by most of my subordinates in letter and spirit, and with great energy and success.

In compliance with Circular No. 101, Provost-Marshal-General's Office, series of 1863, I issued a circular letter of instructions to my provost-marshals under date of November 27, 1863, directing them to proceed at once to the correction of their enrollment lists; and in accordance with my said circular and subsequent instructions the lists were revised in the various districts of the State during the month of December, 1863, and the early part of the year 1864.

In obedience to the orders of the Provost-Marshal-General instructions for a second revision of the enrollment were issued from this office May 6, 1864, in Circular No. 51, series of that year. Your orders for monthly revisions of the enrollment were communicated to the provost-marshals in my jurisdiction, with detailed instructions for the same, in Circular No. 99, from this office, dated July 7, 1864.

For a tabular statement showing the date of the completion of the original enrollment, and of the first and second revisions ordered by me November 27, 1863, and May 6, 1864, see Schedule No. 15, Appendix.

In order to facilitate the keeping up of the enrollment and to lessen the expense to the Government, I applied for and received from the Provost-Marshal-General authority to cause an enumeration to be made throughout the State of all persons between the ages of seventeen and twenty, and forty-two and forty-five years, noting the year, month, and day of birth of each person so enumerated; and full instructions to that effect were issued from this office to all district provost-marshals in Circular No. 67, dated May 27, 1864. The object of said special enrollment, as stated in my communication requesting leave to make the same, was to furnish each board with a record from which all persons arriving at and passing beyond the line of liability to military service could be ascertained in their respective offices, and that the names of the former might be added to the lists, and those of the latter dropped therefrom, by the clerks in the office, thereby greatly diminishing the number of special enrolling officers required to purge and perfect the lists, and lessening the expense in very nearly a corresponding ratio. Such special enumeration was accordingly made, with results, in most cases, corresponding to my anticipations.

Deeming it for the interests of the service, and that it would contribute to economy and promptitude in keeping up the enrollment, I also requested and obtained permission to appoint a superintendent of enrollment for each county, who should seek out and recommend