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5. Returns and reports.-During the progress of the draft under the call of July 18, 1864, which commenced in September of that year, the difficulty of securing correct reports of the draft, in obedience to the urgent orders of the Provost-Marshal-General, was so great that it was found absolutely necessary to make a specialty of reports and returns, which was accordingly done, and the desk placed in charge of Mr. Thomas R. Bryan, whose whole time was fully employed in the performance of its duties, which he continued to discharge in a very competent and satisfactory manner, until the close of the war so diminished the number of reports and returns as to render it practicable to discontinue the department as a specialty, which was done on the 13th of May, 1865, it being then merged into the general business department and its duties transferred to Mr. John C. Reynolds.

The duties of Mr. Bryan while in charge of this branch will be readily understood from its designation. He was required to make himself perfectly familiar with the forms and instructions issued by the Provost-Marshal-General; to see that the district provost- marshals transmitted their reports punctually; to compare them with the prescribed forms, and return for correction such as were not in accordance therewith; to give proper instructions to such provost-marshals as required them, and to hold himself in readiness at all times to furnish me with such information as I might call for concerning the conditions and operations of his department. The results fully justified my expectations in establishing the desk, greatly facilitating the dispatch of the public business during that period of extreme pressure.

6. Veteran Reserve Corps.-On the 13th day of June, 1863, Captain John A. Haddock, of the Invalid Corps, reported for duty at these headquarters, and immediately took post as general recruiting officer for that corps, and to assist in its organization in Illinois. Captain Haddock entered with great energy and success upon the duties assigned him, enlisting up to the time that he was relieved, February 8, 1864, fifty-four men, besides rendering me valuable assistance in the general business connected with the organization of the corps in this State. He was a most worthy, capable, and efficient officer, of whose services I greatly regretted to be deprived.

In July, 1863, Captain Wells Sponable and Lieuts. James W. Davidson and Benjamin B. Baker, of the Invalid Corps, reported for duty, and were placed on recruiting service, the net results of which amounted to eleven men.

In August, 1863, all recruiting at detached stations was, by order of the Provost-Marshal-General, discontinued, and thereafter, until April 27, 1864, recruiting for the corps was restricted to the successive recruiting officers at these at these headquarters, who have obtained in all nine recruits.

July 2, 1864, Captain E. R. P. Shurly, Eighth Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, by authority of the Provost-Marshal-General, was placed on general recruiting service for the corps, with post at Chicago, where he remained until the 7th of the following September, and obtained four recruits.

April 27, 1864, district provost-marshals were empowered, by authority from Washington, to enlist men for the Veteran Reserve Corps, but without effect, except in the First and Third Districts, where nineteen recruits were obtained.

The foregoing is a summary of the general recruiting service for the corps up to the present time, showing the enlistment of ninety-seven men.