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embraced in the schedule for 1863 dates from May 18. The table includes arrests for the year 1865 only up to May 31. For the first twenty days of June, 1865, six arrests have been made, being two in the Third District, and one each in the First, Fourth, Sixth, and Thirteenth Districts.

The data from which Schedule No. 6 is compiled have been taken from the duplicate tri-monthly reports of provost-marshals, on file in this office. The clerical force employed in copying the lists has, with one exception, consisted of members of the Veteran Reserve Corps.

When the many obstacles hereinafter referred to are considered, it is submitted that the percentage of arrests actually made is not discreditable to the energy and skill of the officers and others who have had the business in charge, the results being the return to the Army in the space of two years of about six full regiments of men, or an average of 242 per month for the whole time.

4. Department of quotas and credits.-The department of quotas and credits was organized August 1, 1864. To it has been assigned the recording of the enrollments; the calculations of quotas; the reception, record, and disposal of all papers sent to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of Illinois, under Circular 52, Adjutant-General's Office, series of 1864; the recording of quotas and credits; the periodical and special reports of the same, both to the Provost-Marshal-General and to the provost-marshals; the accounts with the sub-districts for men due and furnished, and all correspondence relating to the matters under its charge. It has required from one to six clerks, and on extra occasions has drawn in to its assistance all available force in the joint offices under my control. Its average has been three clerks.

Books of department of quotas and credits. -The books kept are the usual books of correspondence, namely, letters received, indorsement and impression book of letters sent, besides those peculiar to this department, which are next described.

I. Enrollments A and B are records of the enrollment and its revisions. The former shows in tabular form by districts and subdistricts the original enrollment by classes; then the first revision, ordered November 17, 1863, showing number dropped and added, and net result; then the second revision, ordered May 5, 1864, showing number added and dropped and net result. The latter book records the monthly revisions in the same way, as shown by the printed heading, thus:

Monthly revisions.

Congressional district. January, 1865.

Subdistrict Designation County Prior Added Drop Re-

of ped maini

subdistrict ng

February, 1865.

Added Dropped Remaining

II. Credits L is a record of the reports or other vouchers upon which credits are authorized to be given by regulations and instructions. Such papers are recorded in this book in such a way as to arrange the credits of any one report in the regular order of dis-