War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0809 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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A record of employes, embracing all persons employed by me, as well as by the district provost-marshals in this State, was made in a book sent from the office of the Provost-Marshal-General for that purpose, and is a very complete history in most cases of the employes in the several this record.

Attention is respectfully invited to Schedules 3,4, and 5, Appendix, which give in concise and tabulated form some information of interest compiled from the records of this department.

Schedule 3 shows the number of claims placed on record in this department and the amount of the same; also the amount to which I have given my approval.

Schedule 4 shows the different items of expense attendant upon the conduct of this office, exclusive of pay of officers, with the amount of each.

Schedule 5 is a very suggestive exhibit of the amount of service alleged to have been performed in taking and revising the enrollment of the State, given by months and by districts and reduced to years and days.

3. Department of deserters.-From the opening of my office to August 13, 1863, the business connected with deserters was a part of the general transactions of the office and conducted as such by the clerk in charge. The rapid increase, however, of this branch of the business and the urgency of my instructions from Washington in relation to it rendered it necessary to constitute it a separate department, which was done on the above date, and the same was placed in charge of First Lieutenant Charles E. Hay, Third U. S. Cavalry, with one assistant, who continued to manage the affairs of the desk with marked efficiency until February 29, 1864, when, Lieutenant Hay having been assigned to duty in the office of superintendent of volunteer recruiting service, the desk of deserters was turned over to Mr. John C. Reynolds, one of my earliest and best clerks, who conducted its affairs with great assiduity and energy until November 18, 1864, when the department was assigned to First Lieutenant B. F. Hawkes, Seventeenth Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, in whose charge it remained until he was relieved from duty and ordered to his regiment, when the desk was again returned to the efficient and successful management of Mr. Reynolds.

The aggregate number of descriptive lists of deserters from Illinois organizations received at this office from that of the Provost-Marshal-General is 13,357; from other sources some 620 lists have been received, making a total of 13,977 lists.

Of each of these lists twenty copies have been made in this office, as follows:

One copy to each provost-marshal of Illinois 13

One copy to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general

of the States of Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, and

Indiana 6

One consolidated copy 1

Total 20

Making the enormous number of 279,540 lists which have been transcribed, mailed, and deposited in this office.

Of the 13,977 deserters reported to this office, 5,805, or over 40 per cent., have been arrested, as shown by Schedule No. 6, Appendix.

It is proper to observe that arrests for the year 1863 did not commence in most districts until June 10 of that year, although the time