War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0808 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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great ability, promptitude, and fidelity, and to my entire satisfaction until April 29, 1865, when he was relieved from duty; since which time, the business of that character having greatly decreased, the department has been in charge of a clerk in this office.

The books of this department are as follows:

Letters received, in which is entered an abstract, or in case of an important letter, the entire communication, each letter being numbered, and, when recorded, note being made of the volume in which the record is made.

Indorsement book, which is kept in accordance with the regulations prescribing the same.

Impression books, which, for the sake of convenience, are of three kinds-one for letters to the Provost-Marshal-General, another for district provost-marshals, and the third for miscellaneous letters.

Book of telegrams received, in which are copied verbatim all telegrams received at this office.

Book of telegrams sent, in which all telegrams sent from this office are copied accurately and fully.

[Each of the above-named books has an index, generally in separate form, that being found in practice the most convenient way of keeping the same.]

Book of appointments, in which have been recorded all appointments made in this office and in each of the offices of the district provost-marshals, giving date of appointment, rate of compensation, date of approval, and date of discharge.

2. Department of accounts.-The department of accounts was made a distinct subdivision of this office July 14, 1864, and to it were assigned such papers and records pertaining to accounts and contracts as could be separated from other records; but as the records in the early history of the office were so limited, compared with what the greatly increased business of the department has since caused them to become, much of the information concerning these branches of business must be sought in the general records of the office, at least for the first twelve months of my service as acting assistant provost-marshal- general for Illinois.

The duty of auditing or examining such accounts as passed through the office was, upon the establishment of this department, assigned to its chief clerk and his assistants, and, in addition to the accounts of the Provost-Marshal-General's Department, all accounts to be approved by me as superintendent of volunteer recruiting service for Illinois have been audited in this department.

The record books used in this department are such as are required by a circular from the Bureau of Accounts under the appropriation for "collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers, "Provost- Marshal-General's Office, dated September 24, 1863, including record book of claims, book of letters received, and indorsement book. These books have been kept as nearly in accordance with the published directions of the Adjutant-General of the Army as we have been able to understand them, and are believed to have been very accurately and neatly kept. Besides these the letter impression book, in which are taken copies of all letters sent, and a record of checks received, have been in use; the latter showing the date and number of the check; by whom and in whose favor drawn; where payable; on what account; and a reference to the folio where the account is recorded, and the date of delivery to the claimant, and his signature acknowledging the receipt of the same.