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For the purpose of keeping a record of all contracts approved for subsisting and lodging recruits, rent of recruiting offices, &c., a book known as "Contracts, Collecting, Drilling, and Organizing Volunteers," was opened, headed as follows:*

The number of contracts approved in this office to January 1, 1866, is 1,241,as follows:

Number approved to May 1, 1863................................ 43

Number approved between May 1, 1863, and January 1, 1866.......1,198

---- -

Total number approved........................................1,241

One copy of each contract is filed in this office,and another copy is sent to the Second Comptroller of the Treasury.


The reports required from mustering and disbursing officers are as follows:

First. Weekly report of all public funds on hand pertaining to the appropriations for collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers, pay of bounty, and draft and substitute fund; for the purpose of condensing and keeping a record of these reports, a book, known as "Book of Weekly Reports," is kept, headed as follows:*

Second. A monthly report of "persons and articles hired and employed." This report gives the name of each employes, the salary paid, the date and source of the approval. It also gives a list of all articles hired, with the rate of hire, and the source and authority for hiring. These reports are filed in the office.


Continual changes have taken place in the clerical force of this office from its organization to the present time. Only six clerks were employed in the beginning, but as the business of the office increased the force was increased, and on the 1st of May, 1863, there were eighteen clerks employed. The greatest number employed at any time was forty-five,and the number borne on the register of the office at the present time is twenty-three; two of these are not on duty in this office - one being in the bureau of rebel archives, and one in General Ketchum's office.

Until very lately the majority of the clerks employed in this office were enlisted men detailed from the general service and Veteran Reserve Corps.

The clerks now employed in this office are classified as follows:

One of class four, $1,800 per annum; one of class three, $1,600 per annum; one of class two, $1,400 per annum; seventeen of class one, $1,200 per annum; one enlisted man, sergeant, general service; two enlisted men, privates, Veteran Reserve Corps. The other employes now engaged,in this office are: One messenger, private, general service; one janitor, $60 per month; one fireman and laborer, $50 per month.

To give an idea of the amount of labor performed by the clerical force of this office from its opening to the 1st of January, 1866, the following figures are submitted:


*Form omitted.