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States from the date of said circular to the end of the war. Drafted men and substitutes for drafted men were paid the $100 bounty until the passage of the act of Congress approved July 1, 1864, when it was decided that all authority for the payment of bounty to drafted men and substitutes had been rescinded by the act.

Letters from the War Department, dated November 29, 1863, to Major General B. F. Butler, and of December 22, 1863, to Major General Q. A. Gillmore, authorized the payment of a bounty not to exceed $10 per man for colored recruits. This bounty was also paid from this fund.

General Orders, No. 115, of June 15, 1865, from the Adjutant- General's Office, fixed July 1, 1865, as the date upon which the United States should cease to pay bounty to recruits for the military service.

Tabular statement showing the bounties paid by the United States during the war.

By what To whom paid. Between what Amount.

authority paid. dates paid.

Act of July 22, All volunteers From $100

1861 commencement of

war to July 18,


General Orders Veterans...... a 400

191, of June 25, From June 25,

1863, Adjutant- 1863, to April

General's Office 1, 1864.

Circular, 300

October 24, New recruits

1863, Provost- enlisting in From October

Marshal- old 24, 1863, to

General's organizations. April 1, 1864.

Office. 300

Telegram, New recruits

December 24, enlisting in From December

1863, from any three- 24, 1863, to

Adjutant- years" April 1, 1864.

General's organization

Office. authorized by

the War 100


Act approved {Volunteers for 200

July 4, 1864, one year. From July 19,

and Circular 1864, to July

No. 27, of 1864, 1, 1865 300

from Provost- {Volunteers ...do...

Marshal- enlisting for

General's two years. b 300


{Volunteers ...do...

enlisting for

General Orders three years.

287, Adjutant- 10

General's Men enlisting From November

Office, November in First Army 28, 1864, to

28, 1864. Corps. July 1, 1865.

Letters of War


November 29, Colored .............

1863, and recruits......

December 22,

1863, to

Generals Butler

and Gillmore.

a Veteran b Special.


Numerous letters of inquiry as to the payment of advance bounty to certain soldiers are sent to this office by the Second Auditor of the Treasury and the Paymaster-General of the Army.

Each inquiry is examined and reported upon separately and consumes much time and labor.

These reports are based upon information obtained from the muster-in rolls on file in the Adjutant-General's Office, and from the bounty accounts of mustering and disbursing officers on file in this office. In many cases all the rolls of a regiment have to be examined to find the name of the man about whom inquiry is made; and where there was more than one officer disbursing in the State at the time the man was mustered in, each one of these officer's bounty accounts has to be examined to ascertain whether the man was paid or not.

To give some idea of the amount of labor expended on there reports I will state that the number reported on and returned to the Second Auditor and Paymaster-General from January, 1864,to January 1, 1866, is 6,268. These inquiries are increasing daily in number.