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All appointments of employes for duty in the officers of provost- marshals and acting assistant provost-marshal-general have been made by this branch since the date of its organization, with the exception of those for California, Nevada, and Oregon,and Washington Territory,which on account of their remoteness have been made by the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the States and Territory referred to.

The course pursued, and which has proved entirely satisfactory, has been to require provost-marshals to submit the name of the employes,the necessity for the employment, and whether permanent or temporary, and in the latter instance the probable duration of the same;and in the case of regular clerks to submit also a specimen of their handwriting. The approval or disapproval of the acting assistant provost-marshal-general has been required in every instance, and though not accepted as final, it has proved of material assistance in deciding upon the merits of or necessity for the appointment. The several employes of provost- marshal are designated and known as clerks, deputy provost- marshal, special agents, assistant surgeons, enrolling and notifying officers, civil guards, and janitors.

The duties of deputy provost-marshals and special agents are similar in character, viz, the pursuit and arrest of deserters. The former, however, are held to be more permanent and reliable officers, frequently assisting the provost-marshals in other duties, such as the correction of enrollment lists, instructing enrolling officers when remote from headquarters, &c., whilst the latter are confined to the one line of duty, and their employment often of a temporary character, many of them accepting the authorized reward for the arrest of deserters in lieu of a stated compensation.

The duties of the other employes are sufficiently indicated by their several designations, and are fully set forth in the regulations of the Bureau.

The average number employed in each district has been about three clerks, five temporary clerks, four deputies, three special agents, one assistant surgeon, and one janitor.

To include the members of boards of enrollment, civil guards, enrolling officers, and persons whose services were only occasionally required, would show during active operations an average estimate of twenty-five persons to each district.

Although every effort has been made to keep the number of employes within the limits prescribed by regulations, circular, &c., yet experience has conclusively shown that while a general average might be maintained, no positive standard could be adopted without manifest injury to the interests of the service; for what would more than suffice for the proper performance of the duties of one district, would, from local and other causes, be wholly inadequate in another.

On the 31st day of October, 1864, the total number of officers and employes of the Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau was 4,716, at a cost per month of $311,868.40.

About the latter part of April a diminution was commenced, and by the 31st day of October, 1865, the force was reduced to 383, at a cost per month of $35,050.32.

On the 31st day of December last all provost-marshals and their clerks were discharged, and all expenses connected with the enrollment and draft fund closed except the payment of outstanding claims.