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of exemption. (Compiled frRendus au Roi sur le Recrutement de l"Armee.")

Table No. 153, showing the number of enrolled militia and different causes of exemption during the period of five years from 1851 to 1855 in each of the provinces of Belgium. (Document 'Statistiques publics par le Ministre de l"Interieur:" Bruxelles, 1857.)

Table no.154, showing the number of recruits examined, the number rejected for physical and mental disability, ancted per 1,000 examined in Great Britain, for each year from 1832 to 1851, and from 1860 to 1862, inclusive; also giving the total examinations, total rejections for physical and mental disability, and the ratio per 1,000 rejected.

Table No. 155, showing the number of young men examined, number exempted for physical and mental disability, and the ratio per 1,000 exempted in France in each year from 1831 to 1843, inclusive. (Compiled from the "Comptes Rendus au Roi sur le Recrutement de l"Armee.")

Table No. 156, showing the ratios of exemptions or rejections from military service for mental and physical infirmities in the United States, France, Great Britain,and Belgium.

Table No. 157, showing, by nationalities, the average height and chest measurements at expiration and inspiration of 340, 179 drafted men, recruits, and substitutes examined by the several boards of enrollment of the United States for military service.

Table No. 158, showing, by States, the average height and chest measurements at expiration and inspiration of 233,806 drafted men, recruits, and substitutes, natives of the United States, examined for military service.

In preparing the statistical tables of height and chest measurement it is to be regretted that sufficient time was not permitted in which to compile them in the more preferable and scientific manner which is now adopted by statisticians, viz, the number examined of each nationality of each particular height or chest measurement. It is, however, believed that they will be of interest and practical value in the form in which they are presented.

Ihave the honor to state that some discrepancy will be observed in the results of the number examined and exempted, given in the tables herewith submitted, and those submitted by the Enrollment Branch of your Bureau. It does not,however, materially affect the ratio of exemptions, and arises from the fact that, in a few cases, later returns have been received by the Enrollment Branch than those on file in this office.

In a few dists are not incorporated in the tables presented on account of being imperfect.

The ratio exempted for physical or mental disability per 1,000 examined in the fourth draft may seem disproportionately small when compared with the results of the other drafts. In the fourth draft many men who reported to boards of enrollment were discharged by the order discontinuing recruiting and drafting, and although they are counted in the total examined by the Board, yet numbers who would probably have been exempted for physical disabilities were not examined by the surgeon, such examination being unnecessary, as the drafted men were discharged by the order above cited.

It is respectfully submitted that the valuable and interesting information contained in the reports and records on file in this branch of your Bureau should not be lost, and that it would be not only of