War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0762 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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SEC.15. Decided deafness, dependent on organic change, or proved by other satisfactory evidence, so decided as to leave no doubt of the man's unfitness for military service. Chronic purulent otorrhoea.

SEC.16. Incurable diseases or deformities of either jaw, which greatly impede mastication or speech - anchylosis of jaw; caries of the bones of the face, if in progress; clef palate (bony); extensive loss of substance of the cheeks, or salivary fistula.

SEC.17. No change.

SEC.18. Loss of tongue, or diseased thereof sufficient to interfere seriously with the use of that organ.

SEC.19. No change.

SEC.20. Loss of a sufficient number of teeth to interference seriously with mastication.

SEC.21. Tumors or wounds of the neck, impeding respiration or deglutition. Torticollis, if of long standing and well marked.

SEC.22. Deformity of the chest, curvature of the spine, or caries of the spine, ribs, or sternum, sufficient to prevent the carrying of arms or military equipments.

SEC.23. Hernia, except small umbilical.

SEC.24. Artificial anus, stricture of the rectum, prolapsus any, fistula in any, if extensive or complicated.

SEC.25. Old and ulcerated internal or external hemorrhoids, if in degree sufficient to leave no doubt of the man's unfitness for military service.

SEC.26. Loss of penis; epispadias or hypospadia.

SEC.27. Chronic organic stricture of the urethra, which seriously impedes the passage of urine, or which is complicated with disease of the bladder, urinary fistula. Recent or spasmodic stricture of the urethra does not exempt.

SEC.28. Incontinence of urine, stone in the bladder, or gravel, ascertained beyond doubt, absolutely disqualifies.

SEC.29. Confirmed disease of testicle. Varicocele is not disqualifying unless excessive and severe.

SEC.30. No change.

SEC.31. No change.

SEC.32. No change.

SEC.33. Loss of right thumb. Loss of third phalanx of all the fingers of either hand. All the fingers adherent.

SEC.34. Permanent defects or deformities of the feet, such as will necessarily prevent marching.

SEC.35. No change.

SEC.36. No change.

I respectfully recommend that paragraph 87 should be amended to read as follows:

The surgeon of the Board of Enrollment will keep three medical record books, in which he will record the following results of his examinations of all men he may -

First. Of drafted men. Date of examination, number, name, where drafted (town or county), age,nativity, occupation, height, weight, color of eyes, hair, and complexion, chest measurements at inspiration and expiration, married or single, white or colored, and result of examination. He will also record under head of remarks, if exempted, the disease or disability for which exemption was granted; if not