War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0721 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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localities by reporting the same to the acting assistant provost- marshal-general of the proper State or division.

On this date, July 1, 1864, the whole system of keeping accounts was changed. Mustering officers were required to report tri- monthly and monthly the enlistments and musters made by them during these periods to which the recruit was to be credited. The monthly report was accompanied by the proper muster and descriptive roll of the men borne in numbers on the said monthly report, and the acting assistant provost-marshal-general, in his capacity as superintendent of recruiting service, issued the order to credit to the proper provost-marshal. At the end of each month a "return of credits to districts" was made to this office, showing the number and class of credits to each district during the month; also showing the quota assigned and the surplus or deficiency of the district at that date. From these returns the information necessary for the records of this office was extracted.

Provost-marshals were required to keep accounts with each sub- district in their districts, charging them with quotas, and crediting them with all men raised to their credit by enlistment or draft. They made a return monthly to this office, showing the exact standing of each sub-district on the last day of the month.

After a draft was completed provost-marshals were required to forward a muster-roll of all men drawn in the draft. During the progress of a draft they forwarded a "weekly abstract of exemptions," showing for what cause each man was exempted. At the expiration of the time for drafted men to report a "final report of the draft" was rendered, showing the number drawn, the number exempted for each cause, and the number who failed to report. Also a muster and descriptive roll of "drafted men held," and a 'statement of substitutes accepted and enlisted" during the progress of the draft.

The necessary information was extracted from these reports, and they were then filed away for future reference. Various other temporary reports have been received as the exigencies of the service required.

This branch is also the repository of the enrollment sheets of the loyal States, consisting of the original enrollment made in May and June, 1863 (bound in book form); corrections to the same made from November 17, 1863, to January 5, 1864; a revision of the same made during the months of May and June, 1864, and monthly corrections made from July 1, 1864, to April 30, 1865. These sheets make an enormous bulk, weighing several tons. Owing to a want of space they are merely tied up and marked with the name of the State, number of the district, date of corrections, and whether stricken from or added to, and then filed away by States. A report of corrections to the enrollment is made by each provost-marshal monthly, showing the number enrollment is made by each provost-marshal monthly, showing the number enrolled in each sub-district at date of last report, the number added to or stricken from each during the month, and the number enrolled at the date of the report. From these reports is extracted the figures upon which quotas are based. Tri-monthly reports of business and general transactions have always been rendered by provost-marshals. These reports are in the form of a litter, and often contain valuable information and suggestions.

A full set of record books is kept by the branch, consisting of "letters received," "letters sent," "indorsements and memoranda," "quotas and credits by States," and "quotas and credits by districts."