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States sent forward a committee to inquire into its workings and to see if they had full credit for all surpluses in "years of service," which they seemed to consider as equivalent to so many men. For weeks this branch was kept busy both day and night explaining to committees the modus operandi by which results were arrived at, and I believe that with the exception every individual and committee left the department satisfied that the quota of his or their district was equitable.

Immediately upon the assignment of quotas under this call the work of recruiting was commenced and prosecuted rapidly in every part of the country. Provost-marshals were required to report the number of men recruited each day and all interest were given to understand that so long as boards of enrollment were kept busy mustering in recruits the draft in their district would be delayed. Drafting, however, generally commenced between the 20th day of February and the 15th day of March, 1865, though the deficiencies in most districts were but small and the men were reporting in large numbers when the final successes of our armies in the field prompted the order of April 14 [13], 1865, to 'suspend recruiting and drafting."

The same day an order was issued by telegraph to "discharge all drafted men not forwarded to rendezvous," and all operations under this draft were ordered to be closed on the 30th of the same month.

This Bureau has continued to allows credits upon this call for all enlistments not reported in time to be contained in report for April, 1865, and for enlistments of regulars and colored troops up to June 30, 1865.

The following table wills how the number of men obtained by draft, and the number who paid commutation money, under each call:

Calls. Men furnished. Paid


Draft of July, 1863. 35,882 52,288

Draft under calls of 12,303 32,678

February and March, 1864.

Draft under call of July 18, 84,291 1,298


Draft under call of December 36,173 460

19, 1864.

Total. 168,649 86,724

The column "men furnished" includes substitutes for enrolled men.


Up to the date of the organization of this branch of the Provost- Marshal-General's Bureau accounts had been kept with States only of volunteers called for and recruited, in the office of the Adjutant-General of the United States. Quotas had been assigned, based upon the male population of the loyal States as shown by the census of 1860, and credits allowed the States from reports of mustering officers.

Immediately upon the organization of this branch accounts were opened with each district of the loyal States; they were charged with all quotas assigned from the Adjutant-General's Office, and credited with all troops furnished as shown by the records of that office.

From organization of the Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau up to July 1, 1864, quotas on which draft was to be made were assigned by this office, and as mustering officers reported credits to the Adjutant-General they were transmitted to this office and allowed to the proper