War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0594 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Alexandria, Va., March 1, 1866.

Brigadier General D. C. MCCALLUM,

Director and General Manager

Military Railroads United States, Washington, D. C.:

GENERAL: I have the honor to submit a report of operations in the U. S. Military Railroad service, Department of Virginia, from July 1, 1865, to February 28, 1866. During that time the following roads have been operated in this department:

Washington and Alexandria; Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire; South Side; Richmond and Petersburg and Clover Hill Branch; Richmond and Danville; Winchester and Potomac.

Accompanying this report you will find sundry tabular statements as follows:

Table Numbers 1. - Gives a statement of the number of railroads with their length and number of miles in use July 1, 1865, and date of transfer.

Table Numbers 2. - Shows number of persons employed each month from July 1, 1865, to February 28, 1866.

Table Numbers 3. - Shows distribution of labor and material from July 1, 1865, to February 28, 1866.

Table Numbers 4. - Shows amount of material received and used from July 1, 1865, to February 28, 1866.

Table Numbers 5. - Shows amount of receipts for passage and freight from July 1, 1865, to February 28, 1866.

Table Numbers 6. - Gives estimated value of property on military railroads of Virginia, February 28, 1866.

Table Numbers 7. - Gives statement of material delivered to railroad companies for which they have given bonds.

Table Numbers 8. - Gives statement of engines and cars leased to railroad companies from July 1, 1865, to February 28, 1866.

Table Numbers 9. - Gives number of passengers and troops carried from July 1, 1865, to February 28, 1866.

The short time these roads were in operation and the small amount of business done from July 1, 1865, to date of transfer to the original companies will make but a meager narrative report. I will, however, proceed to give a statement of operations on each road separately and will commence with the


An average of three passenger trains each way continued to run over the road in addition to a large number of freight trains run for the movement of troops en route home, and hauling wood for use of Quartermaster's Department. August 3 the following order was received from you:

You will turn over the Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria Railroad to that company in accordance with letter of instructions from Quartermaster-General's Office, dated August 2, 1865; and also one dated May 19, 1865, copies of which are herewith inclosed. Mr. Joseph B. Stewart, secretary of said railroad company, is authorized to receive the same.

Agreeably to instructions I notified Mr. Stewart and he assumed control of the railroad August 8, thus closing my connection with this road. By your order the new Long Bridge was taken possession of February 19, 1865, track laid on it, and trains commenced running