War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0589 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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The cost of doing the work and the number of men employed is shown in the following statement:

Month. Number of Amount of pay-

persons. rolls.

July 11, 184 $ 605,580.15

August 12,445 695,839.20

September 14,693 784,223.15

October 15,282 906,693.15

November 14,621 874, 184.15

December 11,924 577,143.70

January 12,596 806,138.86

February 13,101 805,723.05

March 13,427 881,527.74

April 13,673 947,479.52

May 13,047 828,151.85

June 10,523 643,053.69

Total 156,516 9,355,738.21

Monthly 13,043 779,644.85



Month. Paid for Total.


supplies, & c.

July $ 920,324.43 $ 1,525,904.58

August 887,477.97 1,583,317.17

September 635,442.72 1,419,665.87

October 731,227.39 1,637,920.54

November 478,318.37 1,352,502.52

December 43,404.05 620,547.75

January 557,470.53 1,363,609.39

February 694,930.32 1,500,653.37

March 908,077.73 1,789,605.47

April 706,746.52 1,654,226.04

May 465,806.62 1,293,958.47

June 431,863.40 1,074,917.09

Total 7,461,090.05 16,806,828.26

Monthly 621,757.50 1,401,402.35



In December a portion of the Construction Corps of the Military Division of the Mississippi, with some transportation men, were ordered from Tennessee to Savannah, Ga., to operate such roads as General Sherman should require.

Before this force reached Savannah General Sherman's army had left on his march to North Carolina, and the construction force was turned back from Hilton Head about the 1st of February and sent to New Berne, N. C.

Eleven miles of the Savannah and Gulf Railroad were operated for local military purposes and to supply the citizens of Savannah with fuel; and the tracks and buildings of the Georgia Central Railroad lying within the city of Savannah were also used.

By an order of the department commander all the railroad property was turned over to the original owners about the 20th day of June, 1865.


The railroad from Morehead City to Batchelder's Creek, forty-four miles long, was operated by the depot quartermaster at New Berne until the 1st of February, 1865, but no reports were made to this office. By order of Lieutenant-General Grant a force was detailed January 25, 1865, from the Virginia Construction Corps to rebuild the track, but a few days after they reached the ground a detachment arrived of the Construction Corps from the Military Division of the Mississippi.

This detachment had been ordered from Tennessee to Savannah in anticipation of their services being required on the Georgia and South Carolina coast, but on reaching Hilton Head they were ordered to Morehead City, and landed in North Carolina February 5.

As the Union army advanced from the coast the railroad was repaired, and trains ran to Goldsborough on the 25th of March, the day after General Sherman's army arrived. Repairs were at once commenced on the road between Goldsborough and Wilmington, ninety-five miles, to provide another line of supplies, and trains commenced running April 4.