War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0585 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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eral Wheeler tore up and destroyed twenty-five miles of the track. It was reopened October 1 and not afterward molested by the enemy.

Knoxville and Bristol line, 110 miles, to Carter's Station.

By order of General Thomas repairs were commenced near Knoxville March 14, and completed to Carter's Station April 23, 1865. Twelve miles of track were rebuilt, 94 miles repaired, and 4,400 lineal feet of bridges constructed.

Nashville, Decatur and Stevenson Line, 200 miles.

This line was used successfully with no more excitement than occasional guerrilla raids and attacks until August, 1864, when General Forrest and Wheeler tore up twenty-nine miles and a half of track and burned several bridges. The track was at once repaired between Nashville and Pulaski, but between Pulaski and Athens, Ala., the bridges were not rebuilt nor was the road used until the following February.

During Hood's Nashville campaign in November and December all the bridges then standing were destroyed between Nashville and Decatur, on the Tennessee River - some by one army, some by the other. The work of reconstruction commenced December 19, three days after the battle of Nashville, and was completed February 10, 1865. In that time 6 miles of track were relaid and 7,055 lineal feet of trestle bridges rebuilt, consuming 1,045,675 feet (B. M.) timber.

Near the close of February and again in March most of these bridges were swept away by extraordinary floods, and were rebuilt - some of them twice or three times - and at last replaced by permanent truss bridges.

Nashville and Northwestern line, 78 miles.

This line while being operated was greatly annoyed by guerrillas until November 30, when it was abandoned. On the 5th of November General Forrest burnt the buildings at Tennessee River, but did no further damage at the time. During Hood's occupation of the country near Nashville, from November 30 to December 16, all the bridges were destroyed.. Repairs were commenced January 2 and completed February 13; 2,200 lineal feet of bridging were rebuilt. In February, March, and April most of these bridges were swept away by floods, some of them three times. In each case they were promptly repaired, and in the spring of 1865 were replaced by permanent truss bridges.

Nashville and Clarksville line, 62 miles.

In August, 1864, by order of General Sherman, this road was repaired and opened in order to furnish another railroad communication with navigable water for supplying the Nashville depot. Important bridges were destroyed by floods at various times and rebuilt, until in April, 1865, it was abandoned, excepting the twenty-eight miles nearest Nashville.