War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0578 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Illinois. - Thirty-ninth Infantry, November 24, 1865.

Indiana. - One hundred and thirtieth Infantry, November 24, 1865.

New Hampshire. - Second Infantry, November 24, 1865.

New York. - Forty-first Infantry, November 24, 1865; Fifty- fourth Infantry, November 27, 1865; One hundred and third Infantry, November 24, 1865.

Ohio. - Sixty-seventh Infantry, November 24, 1865.

Pennsylvania. - Forty-seventh Infantry, November 27, 1865; One hundred and eighty-eighth Infantry, November 24, 1865.

Vermont. - Ninth Infantry, November 24, 1865.

Virginia. - First Infantry (Loyal East Virginia, Company A), November 24, 1865.

II. Colored troops.

United States. - Second Light Artillery (Batteries Fand I), December 11, 1865; Second Light Artillery (Batteries C and D), December 13, 1865; Fourteenth Heavy Artillery, November 24, 1865; Third Cavalry, December 11, 1865; Eleventh Infantry, December 11, 1865; Twelfth Infantry, December 11, 1865; Thirteenth Infantry, December 11, 1865; Twenty-first Infantry, December 13, 1865; Thirtieth Infantry, November 24, 1865; Thirty-third Infantry, December 13, 1865; Thirty-ninth Infantry, November 24, 1865; Forty-seventh Infantry, December 13, 1865; Forty-eighth Infantry, December 13, 1865; Fifty-fifth Infantry, December 13, 1865; Sixty-first Infantry, December 12, 1865; Sixty-third Infantry, December 16, 1865; Seventy-sixth Infantry, December 13, 1865; Seventy-eighth Infantry, December 13, 1865; Ninety-second Infantry, December 13, 1865; One hundredth Infantry, December 2, 1865; One hundred and fourth Infantry, December 2, 1865; One hundred and thirty-sixth Infantry, December 13, 1865; One hundred and thirty-seventh Infantry, December 13, 1865; One hundred and thirty-eighth Infantry, December 13, 1865.

MEMORANDA. - December 11, 1865. - Major-General Thomas, commanding Military Division of the Tennessee, was ordered to reduce the aggregate force of white troops in the Departments of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to 7,000 men, regulars included.


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Washington, December 21, 1865.

Honorable HENRY T. BLOW, M. C.,

Washington, D. C.:

SIR: Referring to your interview of this date with Acting Assistant Secretary of War, and in connection with letters to you from His Excellency the Governor and Adjutant-General of Missouri, relative to the muster out of the remaining organizations of Missouri Volunteers, I have the honor to inform you that the exigencies of the service have demanded the retention of the said troops in service for a longer period than was anticipated. In October last it was expected that all would have been mustered out by the 1st instant. No means have been spared to hasten the discharges as rapidly as the services of the troops could be dispensed with, and those yet in service will be discharged at the earliest date practicable. The public interest, however, will not permit an order for the discharge of all at the same time.