War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0562 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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1,000 and 2,000 prisoners forwarded for exchange. Recruits forwarded, 1,954; stragglers and deserters, 308; bounty jumpers, 10; substitutes, 4; convalescents, 5; political prisoners, 10; total, 2,291; escapes, 6. Over 100 bushwhackers from Southern Illinois, who had come to Chicago to aid the projected rising of the prisoners, were captured by this regiment and other troops of the Veteran Reserve Corps.

Ninth Regiment. - Duty as part of the garrison of Washington. During considerable periods men detailed every other day. In March an average of 350 men on guard out of a total of 889. April, duty still more severe; most of the small posts permanent; not men enough to relieve them. Regiment also shared in the patrol duty of the city, and up to April escorted men to the front. Number of arrests by the patrols of the garrison, 1,670 officers and 10,020 men; forwarded by the regiment, rebel prisoners, 300; state and military prisoners, 270; convalescents, 1,300; no escapes reported.

Tenth Regiment. - Duties in Washington, similar to those of the Ninth. The list of posts and routes on which this regiment has done guard duty covers nearly seven foolscap pages. One hundred and sixty-five details were furnished to escort soldiers or rebel prisoners; but it is impossible to state the number so forwarded; some squads were 500 or 600 strong.

Eleventh Regiment. - Commenced the official year in charge of rebel prisoners at Point Lookout, Md. Duties severe; men on guard every other day, and sometimes oftener; in shelter tents during part of the winter; weather unusually cold. Every day the regiment guarded hundreds of prisoners who were kept at work on the wharves and fortifications. Three companies guarded the shores of the Potomac and its light-houses, a portion of the men being used as mounted scouts and patrols; this detachment captured 50 blockade-running boats, 50 smugglers, 2 officers, and 1 man of Mosby's command and a large number of Federal deserters. The garrison of Point Lookout at one time numbered only 650 men to guard 22,000 rebel prisoners. Between 18,000 and 20,000 prisoners were escorted to other posts by detachments of this regiment. Since the breaking up of the prison camp the Eleventh has performed guard and patrol duty at Washington and various other points in the Eastern States.

Twelfth Regiment. - Commenced the year at Alexandria, Va.; guarded Government property and patrolled the streets; protected the railroad from guerrillas. One company guarded the military prison at Alexandria, with a monthly average of 400 bounty jumpers, & c., or a total of 2,900, with but three escapes. The other nine companies have been stationed chiefly in Washington; have guarded the military prison, Government store-houses, & c.; men on duty nearly every other day. The regiment has shared with other regiments of the corps the responsible service of guarding the assassins of President Lincoln.

Thirteenth Regiment. - Guard duty at various posts in New England; forwarded by detachment at headquarters (Gallupe's Island, Boston, M ass.), recruits, 7,819; conscripts, 2,106; convalescents, 926; prisoners, 21; total, 10,882; escapes, 145. Of the 12,024 men at the camp or rendezvous between November 1, 1864, and June 1, 1865, only three escaped; losses in transportation generally owing to circumstances beyond the control of the guards. This service very severe; men constantly on duty for many days and nights consecutively; large bribes offered by bounty jumpers and refused. Twenty-seven