War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0561 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Third Regiment. - During part of the year has been stationed at Washington, performing the ordinary duties of the garrison of Washington, of course in conjunction with other troops. While at the Soldiers" Rest an immense number of troops, from 300 to 5,000 per day, passed through to the front. At Alexandria, Va., an average of 600 per day forwarded. At Eastern Branch corral many thousands of Government cattle guarded without loss. Regiment on duty at seventy-five points and in six States at one time. The detachment at New Haven escorted 2,280 men to the front, and (aided by other troops) guarded 6,000 men during the process of organization; duty for six months averaged eight hours per day for each man. One detachment, assisted by a company of the Pennsylvania Bucktails, took charge of the One hundred and ninety-third Regiment New York Volunteers, at that time 200 strong, over 400 having deserted; in about two months the regiment was sent off with 1,022 men. At Burlington, Vt., a violent outbreak in a volunteer brigade was quelled by seventy men of the Third, two of the rioters being shot, some ironed, and many arrested. Duty of regiment severe; for weeks together on guard every other day; men known to fall asleep with exhaustion while walking their beats. Discipline excellent, notwithstanding that 608 men were received and 863 discharged & c., during the year.

Fourth Regiment. - Principally at Rock Island Barracks and Camp Butler, Ill., guarding rebel prisoners, escorting exchanged men to the front, and performing ordinary guard duty of camps and public stores. Prisoners escorted to different points for exchange, 3,825; escapes, 2.

Fifth Reigment. - Duty in the West. Headquarters at Indianapolis, Ind. Has guarded Government property and the rebel prisoners at Camp Morton, the latter averaging 4,000 present. Prisoners frequently planned outbreaks; several shot in the attempt to escape. Service severe; men on guard duty every other day; at one time patrol added to the ordinary guard; a battery of mountain howitzers manned by the regiment; officers and men sleeping on their arms for two weeks. Four companies aided in breaking up the Chicago plot. Frequent details to arrest disloyal men and conduct soldiers to the front. During February, March, and April 2,000 prisoners escorted to City Point for exchange. The regiment complimented for its services in a letter written by the adjutant-general of the State.

Sixth Regiment. - Nine companies guarded rebel prisoners on Johnson's Island at the opening of the official year. Forty-five per cent. of the men present for duty on guard every day. Daily average of prisoners, 2,761; number escorted to other posts, 1,144; total of these last escaped, 3. Company H patrolled disaffected counties for six months, enforcing the draft. Its operations were by night and involved much marching and exposure. It arrested over 100 deserters. Eight companies were stationed for a time at Cincinnati, guarding public property; 45 per cent. of the men present constantly on guard.

Seventh Regiment. - Has performed continuous service as a part of the garrison of Washington. At one time guarded twenty-five posts in the city. One-third of the men and officers almost constantly on duty.

Eighth Reigment. - From November 1, 1864, to June 15, 1865, guarded rebel prisoners at Camp Douglas, Chicago. Daily number of prisoners varied from 9,000 to 11,800; number escaped, 8. Between